I tried using a compact outdoor generator "BioLite Camp Stove" that burns wood and boils hot water while charging smartphones

The stove for cooking and the charger of the smartphone are united "Biolite Camp Stove(129 dollars / about 10 thousand yen) "is a weight of about 1 kilogram that can be carried, as it appears to be realizing the function of charging the iPhone while using wood to simulate hot water at the practical level, so actually purchase I decided to try it.

◆ Photo review

The package looks something like this.

When opening the box, it is the character of "energy everywhere".

The stove that entered the bag appeared.

The contents are a stove and charge unit, a USB cable, ignition agent, instruction manual.

Weigh about 1038 grams including staff bags and ignition agents.

Ignition agents are contained in the following bags.

The contents are brown sticks and can be used by cutting with hands.

An attached USB cable used for charging.

Let's take it out from the staff bag.

The generator is contained in the stove.

Parts for sending wind to the stove (photo left) and putting the pot on the top with the firewood and adjusting the thermal power or generating heat by receiving the heat of the flame.

The combined weight of the two above is about 943 grams.

The back side of the generator looks like this.

It is equipped with sirocco fans and it is possible to strengthen the fire by blowing air into the stove from here.

Since the battery is mounted on the main body, you can turn the fan even when it is not heating, but in this state you can not use charging.

To attach it to the stove, it protrudes into the hole on the back ... ....

If you open the legs OK.

When all the legs are expanded it becomes like this.

Merging completed.

Compared with iPhone 4S, it is about this size.

We will generate electricity by heating this protrusion visible in the stove with flame.

Power generated can be output from the USB port. Official websiteinformationAccording to the report, the peak electricity generation amount will be 4 watts (5 V).

You can also connect the cable that came with iPhone.

◆ I actually used it

Fuel can be used whatever it burns charcoal etc on tree branches or leaves of trees and it is not harmful. So, this time I will use one Nikkei newspaper morning paper.

Use it after twisting strongly so as not to scatter burning scum.

IPhone 4S that charges are completely discharged and the display of "REQUIRED CHARGE" is displayed.

Put in 3 pieces of newspaper twisted ... ....

Injected a lit ignition agent with fire.

Flame will rise in soup.

When the switch in the main body is pushed, the fan rotates and the blast starts. By burning a large amount of oxygen, we burn firewood efficiently.

The state of actually using it is as follows.

When the power button is pushed, the blue lamp lights up and the amount of air blown up.

The fire burns vigorously.

The flames are swirling in the center of the stove and you get stronger firepower than burning newspaper where there is nothing.

Cooking is also possible if you put a pot.

Even if the firepower is maximized, the side of the stove will not get so hot with heating for about 10 minutes.

Please check in the movie below how the boiling water actually is boiling.

"Bio Light Camp Stove" to charge smartphone with bonfire - YouTube

Furthermore, when newspaper was used for firewood in a windless environment of about 30 degrees, it was able to boil 1 liter of water in about 8 minutes.

When connecting the iPhone it is properly displayed as "charging".

The iPhone which was unable to turn on the power can now be activated with a charge of about 18 minutes 30 seconds.

IPad can not be charged even if it is used in the same condition.

Wait for newspaper to burn after use.

Burning like this, there is almost no remaining and only ash remains.

In addition,BioLiteIs a US company but "Biolite Camp Stove"Since it is possible to purchase from Japan, it is an innovative product that can be strongly recommended for camping as well as preparing for disasters.

BioLite CampStove

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