I have seen the movie "Zero · Gravity" at TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Funabashi which introduced "Dolby Atmos" which allows you to see the movement even if you close your eyes with a total of 49 speakers

A total of 49 speakers, nine each on the left and right on the ceiling, 18 on the ceiling, a center in front of the theater, two on each side and two on the left and right, and eight on the back, were installed, and the sound was adjusted according to the theater, You can see who is where you are even if you are closed. "You can create a sound with immersive feeling"Dolby AtmosInitially introduced in Japan for the first timeTOHO Cinemas Lalaport Funabashiis. Ahead of the Grand Open on November 22 (Friday), the movie "Zero · Gravity"Since the screening screening was held, I have experienced how much it is different from the traditional sound.

TOHO Cinemas Lalaport Funabashi November 22 (Fri) Grand Opening
A large screen "TCX" of its own standard on the main screen
First introduced in Japan, Dolby's innovative cinema sound "Dolby Atmos" introduced! || TOHO CINEMAS


Arrived at LaLaport Funabashi.

So far TOHO Cinemas was in the South wing, but moved to the West Library 3F newly. Grand opening will be held on November 22 (Friday), including the theater which introduced "Dolby Atmos".

Dolby Atmos and a large screen "TCX" of its own standard are listed in the shop a lot.

When saying "What is Dolby Atmos?", It distributes audio data in a state without surround mixing, adjusts the sound in a form optimized for the theater, accurately places the sound at a specific position, accurately arranges the sound at a specific theater It is a mechanism to create the effect of "movement" by moving sound inside.

The total number of 49 speakers installed in the TOHO Cinemas Lalaport Funabashi is about twice as large as the theater in general and you can experience the presence as if you are in a movie because the sound actually moves 18 overhead speakers thing. While listening to the manager of the theater, movie appreciation at home has become widespread, and more people are watching movies using smartphones, but many people can only do it at a movie theater with a solid large screen and sound It seems that we introduced Dolby Atmos Japan's first Dolby Atmos, together with TCX, to TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Funabashi in order to deliver experiences to customers.

Usually the theater is like this ... ...

The theater which Dolby Atmos & TCX uses is specially designed from the gate.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney appear in this showZero · Gravity.

Zero · Gravity is a medical technologist Dr. Ryan Stone who is captain of Matt Kowalski and is taking a space swim, the space garbage collides with the shuttle, the shuttle is broken, the two are left behind in the universe It is a story that it will be done. Actual NASA astronautsEvaluate "zero · gravity" as the movie that reproduced the space faithful most faithfullyAnd it is a work which is a big hit in the whole country.

Go through the gate and enter.

This is the inside of the theater.

The floor and chair are dark shades inside. This is to reduce the reflection efficiency of the light so as not to disturb the appreciation.

Looking at the ceiling, the green light is on.

It was the speaker that was illuminated with the green light. On the ceiling, there are 2 rows of speakers arranged in 9 rows per row, totaling 18 pieces.

Looking forward from the innermost of the theater is like this.

9 speakers on the wall when turning to the left.

There are also 9 speakers on the right wall.

Looking at the speakers attached to the left and right walls from below look like this.

Speakers with eight installed at the back of the theater are of a type different from those attached to the left and right walls.

The front side of the theater is a silver screen with one wall surface, and the screen size is expanded by 120% over the screen of the same size number of seats. The size is 19 m × 10 m, and the number of seats is correspondingly less because of a more optimized movie experience. There are two speakers on the left and right on the other side of the silver screen and one speaker in the center.

The screen is truly to the very end of the wall.

As the screening time approaches, I will go up the stairs and move to the seat.

The chic atmosphere seating was not too hard, not too soft, and the area was about the same as the regular theater.

Before I was able to hang my luggage and casa.

So the zero gravity screening started.

The content of the movie "Zero Gravity" can be confirmed from the following trailer.

Movie "Zero Gravity" announcement 1 [HD] December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

Movie "Zero Gravity" Preliminary Notice 2 Collision Hit [HD] December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

Movie "Zero Gravity" Announcement 3 Drift Edition 【HD】 December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

Movie "Zero Gravity" Announcement 4 Desperation Edition 【HD】 December 13, 2013 released - YouTube

※ Since contents of the future from here contain the content of the movie, people who watch the movie from now on must be careful.

When I actually watched a movie, I feel the movement of the sound very much from the conversation scene of the early movies. Basically, when the characters appearing on the screen speak, the sounds are heard from the front screen, but the sound from other communication partners, the voice when the person fades out the screen, or the surrounding Sounds and sounds are heard from the ceiling, the wall side, the back of the theater, so it seems like it was dropped in the middle of the situation in the movie. In the movieSpace debris(Space garbage) appears, but it seems that space debris came from the front and passed by oneself, or deep bass echoing from behind the Sandra block in a fire scene, sounds when swimming in water, etc. I felt the acuity of a sound in a certain scene. Although it was a 3D movie this time, when a camera work expressing the acoustic and 3D effect, and zero gravity peculiar to movie zero gravity is added, it becomes like an attraction rather than a movie appreciation, so it certainly can not be enjoyed at home is.

Dolby Atmos will be introduced in TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi from 2014. At TOHO Cinemas Lalaport Funabashi, you can see the movie of the Dolby Atmos introduction theater at the same price as a regular movie at this stage, so it seems to be good to extend your legs and try new movie experiences.

Movie "Zero Gravity" Official Site

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