"Water battery NOPOPO" to generate electricity by simply adding water appears

It was revealed that batteries "water battery NOPOPO" capable of generating electricity by simply putting water in the battery body will appear from Nakabayashi.

Nakabayashi | [Water battery NOPOPO (TM) newly released to generate electricity by simply adding water]

According to the Nakabayashi news release, the battery "water battery NOPOPO" that generates electricity when water is added will be released nationwide from the beginning of August 2011. It seems that it is suitable for use as a stockpile at the time of disaster or emergency in places such as home, business, school and public facilities.

"Water battery NOPOPO" is a AA battery that generates electricity only by putting water in the hole of the main unit using the attached dropper. In the case of general dry batteries, the electric capacity gradually decreases because it discharges slightly even if it is left unused, but in the case of "water battery NOPOPO" long storage can be made if water is not put in That's why. Since anything is enough for moisture, it is possible to generate electricity even with juice, beer, even saliva.

For example, in the case of LED light, you can use for 5 hours with one "water battery NOPOPO", you can use it repeatedly several times if water is weakened again as the power weakens. Weight is also suitable for stockpiling because it is lightweight as it is 1.5 kg per 100 as compared to a typical battery of 2.3 kg per 100 batteries, it is not contained harmful substances such as mercury and so it is discarded as incombustible after use Thing. The storage period is about 20 years in an unopened state.

Product name: Digio 2 "Water battery NOPOPO (TM)"
Size: Diameter 14.3 x 50.3 mm
Weight: 15g
Type: 2 types of 3 packs and 100 packs (with single, single battery size conversion adapter) (with eyedropper). Radio, LED flashlight, set with mini lantern are also available
Suggested retail price: 3 packs 600 yen (630 yen including tax), 100 packs 19,800 yen (tax included 20,790 yen)
Release date: Earlier August Heisei 23

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