Apple II's DOS source code will be released after more than 30 years

Sales will start from todayIPad mini Retina display modelAlthough Apple is the leader in the mobile terminal market by releasing attractive products such as the historical computer that laid the foundation of AppleApple II"DOS source code will be released.

Computer History Museum | @ CHM: Apple II DOS source code

Apple II DOS source code released by Computer History Museum | 9to 5Mac

In 1977, Apple II, which became popular as a finished product computer for individuals capable of mass production for the first time in the world, is known as a historical model that greatly supports the breakthrough of Apple Computer (now Apple).

Apple II developerSteve Wozniak.

ByRobert Scoble

The Apple II DOS source code, in cooperation with Apple,Computer History MuseumWhenDigibarn Computer MuseumThe source code image can be viewed from the link below. Please note that this PDF file has 120 pages.

【PDF】 Shep Apple DOS program listing, 1978-06-02 - 102723981-05-01 - acc.pdf

This DOS source code was written by Paul Lawton of Shepardson Microsystems who contracted with Apple and others. In April 1978, he was one of Apple's co-founderSteve JobsIs a file managerBASICHe said he gained permission to use the DOS source code by paying Shepardson Microsystems the interface utility fee of $ 13,000 (about 2.86 million yen at that rate).

The source code image that was released this time scanned original text that Mr. Lawton kept for more than 30 years, it seems to be said that it is precious material that tells the history of computer. In addition, the Computer History MuseumMacPaint · QuickDraw·Adobe PhotoshopWe also publish source code such as.

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