It turns out that child obesity and fast food TV CM are related

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Television commercials (hereinafter referred to as CM) in which fast food chain stores including McDonald's and Burger King televise children to the main target, this number has been decreasing in the past few years in the United States. In addition, it seems that the fast food chain store is trying to increase the healthy menu for children,Rudd Food Policy / Obesity Countermeasures Center at Yale UniversityAnnouncedFast Food Facts 2013According to the report that the children are exposed to marketing activities by more fast food chain shops than before. As a result,Childhood obesityIt is said that more children are becoming.

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According to Yale University studies, very many children in the United States are watching television commercials of "fast-food chain stores" who are not "main targeting children", and even those adults who are not healthy in those fast food chain stores It is said that many menus are provided for. This research began in 2010, with 18 fast-food chain stores including McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Subway, KFC and others.

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America's fast food chain store is a member of a program promoting self-regulation of food advertisements for children, for example McDonald's and Burger KingChildren's Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative(CFBAI) which is one of the members. With these programsUSDAButDietary guidelines established in 2010We set our own nutritional standards as a base, but for men for children that meet those criteria, there is only 3% of the total foods offered at fast food chain shops.

◆ Fast Food Industry TV Commercials and Children
In 2012, the fast food industry spends about $ 4.6 billion (about 460 billion yen) in marketing activities. Most of the men advertised with that fund are not healthy, and even lower age seems to be seen as an important target of advertising activities. And although it is a fast food industry that should have decreased the number of TV commercials for children, the number of fast food related television commercials viewed by low age groups is on the rise.

In Wendy's and subways, while advertising regular menus during a TV program broadcast for children, "Cartoon NetworkOur CM broadcast on the Anime Channel (anime channel) is targeted at adults and not directed to children, "as many Wendy's spokespersons say, many children see The advertisements of fast food chain stores that are airing in between shows that companies' marketersIt is not considered as CM targeting childrenIt looks like.

Mr. Kolish of CFBAI says, "For example, even though a CM for children aged 12 years is broadcasting, not all targeted groups will see the advertisement, and in the audience group such as drama and reality program that flows in the golden time low age The stratum becomes a considerable minority, for exampleAmerican Idol(The popular reality program in the United States) are only 7% of children under the age of 12 and the object of CFBAI is to restrict advertisement toward the majority of viewers There is none. Furthermore, TV commercials that McDonald's and Burger King are broadcasting towards lower age groups are advertisements for foods that meet our nutritional standards. "

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◆ Highly nutritious menu and unhealthy menu
From McDonald's in the USA since 2011Happy MealsAdd apple slices and a small amount of fried potatoes to children (set menu for children), this is a popular menu that accounts for about 10% of McDonald 's sales. In addition to this, at the fast food chain store, Burger King'sSatisfriesIt seems that I have not neglected to propose a healthy diet menu such as (fat and cholesterol-reduced potato fly). But at the same time do not forget to increase the number of normal unhealthy menus, the proportion of unhealthy general menu and healthy menu remains unchanged.

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In this way, among the fast food industry, it is necessary to provide menus for low age groups, set up nutritional standards by setting up programs like CFBAI, and depending on the company, reduce the number of target CMs for children We are trying to reduce the opportunities for children's eyes to see TV commercials of unhealthy foods. However, in order to make it impossible to foresee in detail which program is watching anyone, it is impossible that the fast food related television commercials come into the eyes of the children by any means, The number of CM is increasing year by year.

◆ TV and childhood obesity
Boston Children's HospitalofResearch studying the relationship between children's obesity and television, It has been found that there is a deep connection between TV and child's obesity. For example, in the case of a 14-year-old boy, children carefully watching TV found that the weight was heavier by 14.2 pounds (about 6.4 kilograms) compared to children who did not, and 13.5 pounds (about 6.1 kilograms) in the case of girls .

According to this study, children who are obsessed with television seem to show a higher BMI value than children using games · computers · mobile terminals, which means that when watching television, many CM of unhealthy food with high calorie When being watched, when watching the CM, the hands of the children are spared (there is no worry that the hands will be buried as when the game is touching the game or computer), and high-calorie junk food is wanted to eat. It is that.

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Children who are obsessed with TV rather than long-time children watching television are likely to become obese, and the opportunities for children to see unhealthy food commercials of fast food chain stores have steadily increased, and children There are also facts that obesity is twice as much as 30 years ago, and that it is tripled if it is a teenager. In families with children who have become nailed to the television, their parents know well what the children are strongly attracted to, this is the first step in preventing and eliminating children's obesity, Harvard Medical · Michael Rich, an associate professor at the school, says.

ByJason Berberich

Many fast food related CMs are also being broadcasted in Japan, so pay attention to children who tend to be crazy for television and then attack after watching those CMsImpulsive as fast as possible to eat fast foodIt seems to my parents that they have to endure with their children.

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