McDonald's announces that "Cheeseburger will disappear from children's menu"

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It is still available at McDonald's since 1979Happy mealIn Japan, "Happy setIt is a name for children with a toy though it is named. McDonald 's announced to eliminate cheeseburger from Happy Meal' s menu table.

McDonald's Announces Global Commitment to Support Families With Increased Focus on Happy Meals | McDonald's Corporation

McDonald's plays 'hide the cheeseburger' in new Happy Meal health push

McDonald 's from 2013Alliance for a Healthier GenerationIt was planned to be able to offer menus in which the children take more fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products in the 20 major countries in partnership with a non-profit organization called " And with the cooperation of Alliance for a Healthier Generation this time McDonald 's will make "1. Nutritional balance well" "2. Eliminate additives" "3. Make nutrition information easy to see" "4. Responsible Market Formation" "5. Increase sales of menus that are more nutritionally balanced", set five business goals for Happy Meal.

Among them, McDonald's established more stringent nutritional standards such as "less than 600 kilocalories", "less than 10% calories from fat", "less than 10% calories from sugar" and so on. And this new standard is said to be applied to more than 50% of Happy Meal by the end of 2022. According to McDonald 's announcement, as of February 2018 28% of Happy meal combination meets this nutritional requirement, but the goal of over 50% has not been met yet.

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So McDonald's announces that it will make a change to Happy Meal that will be offered at American stores since June 2018. First of all, the main types are "hamburgers", "chicken mac nuggets (4 pieces)" and "chicken mac nuggets (6 pieces)", the cheeseburger disappears from the menu table and unless there is a request from the customer It has been announced.

And if you ordered 6 pieces of chicken mac nuggets in the main menu, the side menu menu French fries size will be changed to a smaller child size fries potato. It is said that this will halve the intake of calories and sodium.

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Also, in order to reduce the amount of sugar in the menu, it is announced that no chocolate milk will be displayed on the menu table of Happy Meal at all. This is also unlikely to be provided unless there is a request from customers. In McDonald's in the United States, 100% apple juice of happy meal from December 2017 is "Honest Kids Appley Ever"It has already been replaced with an organic drink, but a water bottle will be added to the menu of drinks.

McDonald's announces that this nutrition standard and target are those of the global growth plan and applied to all markets around the world. In fact, in McDonald's in Italy, a menu of low-fat high protein grilled chicken sand was added, and Australia is also developing a new menu that can eat low-fat protein and vegetables at the same time. I am wondering if the changes in this happy set will be applied in Japan, but at the time of writing the article McDonald's Japan has not announced any comments yet.

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