The amount of data transferred by "BitTorrent Sync" is cumulatively more than 30 petabytes

"BitTorrent Sync" that allows files to be synchronized directly without using a cloud on a PC or smartphoneThe number of users exceeded one million people. The cumulative transfer volume since the service began in January 2013 has reached 30 petabytes.

BitTorrent Sync Hits 1 Million Users, 30 Petabytes Transfered | TorrentFreak Sync-hits-1-million-users-30-petabytes-transfered-131105/

BitTorrent Sync is a new service that began in January this year, using BitTorrent protocol, it is a service that can safely synchronize and share data among various devices without going through the cloud. If you want to share data with others, you can add the other party's device with a simple operation, and the absence of file size and bandwidth limit has led to a huge hit of 1 million users. As of July, the total amount of data transferred by the user was 8 petabytes, but the latest information reached 30 petabytes.

ByEd Yourdon

In response to the success of the service, the development team of BitTorrent Sync in San Francisco released the latest version 1.2. Originally BitTorrent Sync did not place data on the server unlike Dropbox and so the transfer speed was high, but in the latest version 1.2, the maximum transfer speed is doubled compared to the conventional 90 MB / s. According to the development team, "With the transfer rate rising, even 10GB files can be synchronized in less than 2 minutes." It is also compatible with iOS and it is now possible to transfer photos just taken and camera pictures.

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FurthermoreAPIAlso corresponded. BitTorrent hopes that services will be used like SNS and chat, it is designed to traverse a variety of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and is also friendly to developers. The goal of BitTorrent is "to allow monitoring of large files and ideas, speed limitation, size restriction to be freely shared".


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