Why does Microsoft make about 197 billion yen on Android every year?

ByNils Geylen

Nomura Securities analyst Rick Sherlund clarified that annual patent fee income from Android smartphone maker is about $ 2 billion (about 197 billion yen) by Microsoft.

Microsoft Earns $ 2 Billion Per Year From Android Patent Royalties - Business Insider

According to Mr. Sherlund, approximately 95% of the revenue from Android is about roughly 197 billion yen in patent royalties Microsoft gets every year, and this profit compensates Microsoft's umbrella of the Xbox group which is under umbrella of the Xbox group .

Revenues and operating losses of the entertainment group, including patent fee revenues of Windows Phone, Xbox, Android, which Microsoft has released, seemed to be profitable, but most of it appeared from Android Proceeds from patent fee. "If Android's patent revenue ceases to exist, Skype, Xbox, Windows Phone alone will have lost $ 2.5 billion (about 246.5 billion yen)," Sherlund said.

ByBob Familiar

Although it seems that Microsoft has issued about 2 billion dollars (about 197 billion yen) of operating loss with Xbox alone, since the patent revenue from Android is enormous, the poor performance of Xbox hides and the investors It is said that it is blinded.

ByDominic Hallau

Microsoft's Xbox 360,It boasted the largest sales volume in the US for 32 consecutive monthsIt was overtaken by PlayStation 3 in September 2013. Next generation of Xbox 360 ahead of release on November 22, 2013Xbox OneWhether it can be rewounded by, it is noteworthy in the future trend.

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