When the world's first unmanned automatic lubrication system actually moves, it looks like this

Companies involved in the fuel industry held at Atlanta in the US all throughNACS SHOWIn, announced a system for automatic lubrication unattended, it has been actually a movie that was taken a state in which the working public.

Fuelmatics | Automatic Drive-thru Refueling

Husky and Fuelmatics: Automatic Refueling System - YouTube

This is a sample machine of the unmanned automatic lubrication system that was exhibited,HuskyWhenFuelmaticsRealized by joint development.

When you start up, black sticks will stretch over with a silver box like from the main body.

The extended stick tip sticks to the lid part of the filler opening and ...

The main body slides laterally and it opens out.

When opening the lid of the filler neck, the filler nozzle will come out automatically.

The oil filler nozzle was pushed in and the mounting to the fuel filler was completed.

When refueling is completed, the nozzle starts to return to its original position.

This is a new type of nozzle developed by Husky, which was used for the sample machine.Venturi tubeBy using, it automatically expanded and realized a jet hole suitable for a capless fuel filler.

An employee of Fuelmatics said, "If the unmanned automatic lubrication system is put to practical use, the refueling time will be reduced by about 30% compared with the conventional time, so it will not have to bother to go out of the car all the more, so you can safely refuel it" I was talking about the advantages of case.

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