"PCE.js" that can emulate nostalgic Mac OS System 7 on a browser and reproduce it

Apple announced on October 23 at a recital,A new type of Mac Pro with a dark cylindrical shape that is eye-catchingAndMac OS X Mavericks as the latest OSAnnounced. It became the prototype of such OS XSystem 7The Macintosh Plus simulator that can be reproduced by emulating on the browser is "PCE.js"is.

PCE.js - Classic Mac OS in the Browser

When accessing, it starts with electronic beep "Pippuchi". You can see that the basic interface has been handed down to the latest OS X.

Click the Apple mark on the upper left to open the desk accessory and select the application.

Launch "Calculator". You can close any application by clicking the "□" button at the upper left of the application window.

A fairly compact watch application "Alarm Clock"

"Battery" can only start up when it is running on battery.

An application "Chooser" that connects to a printer or the like. It is a printer that Apple soldLaserWriterThere is also an icon.

The control panel looks something like this.

Open the map from the control panel ......

You can set mouse and sound.

"Key Caps" that you can enter text by clicking like a web keyboard

"Note Pad" in a text editor

The application of "Puzzle" is small but difficulty level is high.

"Scrapbook" can save and display photos, charts, texts, and sounds.

There are some data in Scrapbook by default. This is something sales chart.

It included a pretty illustration.

"Drawing application" Kid Pix "

Various effects and touch are prepared, so if you do your best you may be able to create a design that you can use with active duty.

Of course, edited data can be saved.

Multiple applications can be opened at the same time by pseudo multitasking function.

Although the appearance is old, it was an OS that knows that it is made to operate with intuition. The reason why it was innovative at the time of sale may be felt by touching with PCE.js.

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