Part of the presentation material of GIGAZINE special lecture was released, and that day was such feeling

On Saturday 12th October 2013 I gave a lecture for the first time in 60 minutes from 12 o'clock to 13 o'clock but it was really wild.

I got up around 4 am at the morning and started moving around the corner.

Arrived at Tokushima. At this point it was not starting at 11:30, but it was told that it was changed to hurry and the start of 12 o'clock on the previous day, and it is OK. GIGAZINE I had thought that there was not any event before the special lecture so I thought that I could slowly and rehearse while planning to rehearse, but I decided to withdraw from the waiting room so far as I did not go. Other fusses downwards and other downwards.

In addition to not being able to read the number of people on the day how many people will be distributing numbered tickets in addition to being unable to read at all in a strange place if the police 's prior permission is bored, if the matrix can be formed, , Although GIGAZINE's article was rewritten as crisp and announced on Twitter, it was an unimaginable information warfare.

I will arrange and distribute the row at the foot of the bridge.


It is an anticipation that "It is a maximum of 34 seats including standing, considering the geographical advantage or the like, it will be about 18 people", calculated from access analysis result and response to the notice article, and it is expected that immediately after the distribution of the numbered ticket, Even though there should have been near by, people came one after another and entered an emergency situation that one and a half hours before the start of the lecture will be lost.

"In fact it is not a time to panic, though it is possible to have a numbered ticket, but it is not time to panic." When I started admission, I was about to get to a standing room.

And at 12 o'clock the editor-in chief appeared with a pointer to emit a green laser for microphone & presentation, only 60 minutes, so it began to hurry. Sometimes the icons that come up are not images, mostly fonts. An image of pig piggy bank, Chirp chanch.

As already mentioned in the announcement article, it is a major premise so far. The reason why I wrote such a thing in the notice article was that it was simply because there was no presentation time on the day.

From this around seriously.

Laughter happened by the icon of the figure whose editorial staff is sitting making an article, it seems that he entered a key point.

At this point already bomb remarks jumped out about concrete ridiculous case from the editor - in - chief.

Fundamental problem

About e-mail magazine

About Paywall

In the case of these two representative monetization, it is subjectively commentary on what is disadvantage to the last

Despite the fact that the mosaic in the lower left was an image image, Tsukkomi entered the mercilessly at the venue saying that "the numbers are not reversed," again burst out laughing. GIGAZINE I admire the information literacy raised to the extraordinary level of those who came to Tokushima among readers. From the shape of this graph, which site was taken out as a concrete case is morning, so it is treated like a blur. There was a proper graph here on the day.

What on earth do you do?

Venue where it gets excited here and reclaimed by laughter, yes, if there is such a nice way, please do contact me!

So, to return to the fundamental,

Organize what you want to do first, it is simply super clearly subjective

What an exploitation structure ......

And who knows but who knows will never know at all GIGAZINE The shivering realities of readers

A pie chart captured while enlarging Google Analytics so as not to include other information. Since it reflects the data of the previous day, the latest data on the genuineness and latest 30 days.

One quarter is new, three quarters are regulars. Further analysis.

Again GoogleAnalytics, in fact "Numbers" is entered, but it was done with the great power of Photoshop. It is noteworthy that "201 +" part at the bottom. Is not it too much?

Yes, how much more than 200 repetitions in a month is regular 15%! A venue where squatting at once. About 300 articles are posted in a month, so even if you are watching the top page everyday, the fact that there are a lot of extraordinary readers who read one in three.

Here suddenly Amazon's Kindle development privacy story. Who were you testing for the user before launch? Definition of 'heavy user' seen from the story, and success example.

A story of "Rakuten no kobo" as a failure example against. Kobo is not bad, emphasizing that it was "Rakuten no kobo" that the start dash was useless only to defend Rakuten as much as possible, for some reason the venue became a whirlpool of laughter.

"What is important to companies that will survive for the next 100 years will be brands more than technology"Based on Evernote's CEO Phil Levin's story as a source, further development. Reveal the proportion of people who pay more money among heavy users. It seems that the majority are similar alike.

Here is the definition of what kind of reader is the heavy user of GIGAZINE

As a further exampleMegauploadin the case of. A venue where the magnitude of the numbers is roaring.

Promising not to mention what it was desperately desperately downloading

About the mechanism

Comparison with GIGAZINE readers

It has become a situation that Iida draws water down gradually

hereHttpWatchAnalysis result using, GIGAZINE top page timeline, about 5.9 seconds to load

When advertisement disappears, how about 1.3 seconds


It's a de-advertisement model, so it's better to erase the advertisement.

It shows that such a thing that advertisers and advertising agencies are getting angry is not such a thing, and furthermore in the venue, as long as we can ascertain the circumstances where the extra media do not adopt it,

Here again violent laughter situation, the venue where the excitement rises.

Talk of the iTunes Store here

Why is there a site that can be obtained cheaply before this? Commentary on a different viewpoint other than that it will be because the iPod was selling up.

Here, the editor-in-chieftown himself also came out as being an Adblock user, and as the news junkie, "Eagle is an eagle, everyone! Everyone !!" It means that everyone is enveloped in a strange sense of unity, . Even if chopsticks faded, it has returned to a funny age.

Classified into 3 layers

Again again

And how threatening started

Venue where bursting laughter with induction of blunt profit, the information strong who instantly becomes "guess" how to do what is it.

Talking about consideration for free readers

Eating log iPhone application riotabout

The mechanism that is disadvantageous to existing users is out, but the argument that it is okay with this. However, in fact, it has already been proven in GIGAZINE in that nobody has noticed despite the fact that the advertisement disappears already.

Commentary that it is not "sales of services" but a mechanism of "support" to the last. In fact it is better to have "donation" or the like, but in the special circumstances of Japan that does not go, for example in Japan the story of PayPal 'donation' function not being usable among individuals due to remittance law Such.

Finally revealed "GIGAZINE secret club"

Secret function

1: Advertisement disappears to speed up page display (It is about 75% speed up, comfortable not to be sharp, can be experienced dramatically on a smartphone)
2: Extended article search function (Requests were messed up by questionnaire on readers' gift articles)
3: Favorite bookmark function (This was a questionnaire as well, the request was messed up every time)
4: RSS Full Text Delivery (To delete ads from RSS)
5: One annual "off-party" (super good privilege only for lump sum payment, GIGAZINE heavy user rally, the existence itself is a secret, a venue where excitement is also exciting here, a true monster who is not exposed on the net A strong wishes of the editor-in chief wanting to meet the people)
6: There is a hidden function (quite a secret around here as well, a part of it is obvious at the venue)

Reasons for not knowing reasons, laughter was happening again at the bottom row

Bubba, ca!

Although GIGAZINE secret club's thing has not yet been posted on a stand-alone basis, since heavy users are heavy users, they have discovered the links from the end to the end, discover the links, and the terrible reality that they have already subscribed and used

About target number of people

An outrageous secret information jumped out around here, surprised by the terrible fighting ability of GIGAZINE, a surprising venue, surprise that the backstatement of "some articles" will be revealed among a number of articles that have been on fire on the net.

Readers who had a burst of laughter again in a metaphor that the icon of "Petitio Society" looks like Yoshinoya who killed himself was good and good for everyone

Icons symbolizing future function implementation schedule were arranged in the mosaic part

Noisy ...... awkward ...... venue

A souvenir

People in the system of GIGAZINE handmade hard at the day before "GIGAZINE secret clubDistribution of "trial ticket"!

Finish, next time "GIGAZINE secret clubAt the off-club of!

So, when I noticed it was a grand advertisement of the GIGAZINE secret club, what a hell!

So please sign up with GIGAZINE and become a member of the secret club and support! It was a trap called.

What is GIGAZINE Secret Club? → Member registration

At the next off meeting, I will do it more so that everyone who wishes can be seen more easily!

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