Which is the ninja rushing into the local pirate festival and raging and winning?

project"Full-Time NinjasThere is a site to shoot a ninja movie named "Ninja movie," for the purpose of promoting it to the local pirate festival, everything you want to do is rampage and ultimately it is clashing with pirates. I do not know exactly what ninja's people have received to foreign people so far, but apparently a mysterious image is planted against ninja at an unimaginable level.

The brave appearance of ninja surprising pirates is from the following.
Full-Time Ninjas · Ninjas Protest Pirate Festival

It was supposed to be a peaceful festival ... ...

Ninja army corps attack

A silent argument that a ninja is superior to a pirate

Ninja seems that pirates have stolen Xbox

Commemorative photo with friends and tourists. There is no passion for activities to improve the ninja image.

Ninjas who are attacked by children's pirates

Farewell to get out of pirate dolls as far as it is

Finally the Ninja Sword is released from its seal

We also took out the pirate flag ...

To the great violence of putting on fire. Moreover, it is skewering with Ninja Sword.

At last the pirates were sharpened against this task

It attacks the ninja

The ninja is also defeated and defeated

Ninja who shows intention to surrender against Majigaren pirates

To be reconciled ...

However, all these are hints of surprise by ninja, after this, the pirates will know the real fear of the ninja. The last of shock can be played from the following. The actual state of the ninja who should shudder there.

YouTube - Ninjas Protest Pirate Festival

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