The trailer of the latest series "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirate" is released, the death god of the sea aiming for Jack Sparrow's life appears

The 5th work of the series "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirate"Teaser trailer has been released. In the trailer, Captain Salazar of the death god of the sea who goes out of the Bermuda triangle and aims at Jack Sparrow's life appeared and declared war on Jack Sparrow.

Teaser Trailer: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - YouTube

A ship heading for a bay with a rock like a big mountain.

The ship will enter the place where the rock seems to have opened its mouth.

There was one other ship in the bay. An amazing atmosphere is drifting.

Sailors are confused "What is this place?" ...

Someone will attack the crew.

A man who got there.

I will walk while staggering the hair of the beard.

I have a sword in my hand ... ....

We will sever the seafarers without mercy.

The man has a staircase ... ...

To Henry, a partner of Jack Sparrow, trapped in the back of the room.

"Jack Sparrow ......"

This person is the captain's salzar of the current villain.

Captain · Salazar follows seamen like zombies.

Frozen Henry.

"Find a sparrow for me, and give me a message from Captain Salazar and tell me that death is heading for you," tell Captain Salazar that he sinks black saliva.

This work is drawn mainly on Jack Sparrow, who is looking for legendary "Poseidon's Pen" and Captain · Salazar who aims at that life. The "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirate" will be released on July 1, 2017.

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