The movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirate" latest trailer, finally Jack Sparrow appears

Since "Pirates of the Caribbean Life's Fountain" since 6 years the latest series "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirate"The latest trailer of the song was released. Published in October 2016TrailerJack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and Will Turner (Orlando · Bloom) who finally did not appear in the show are revealing their appearance.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: Extended Look - YouTube

One ship drifting in the ocean.

A battered bird is staring at a men who looks like a pirate.

If you look closely, the birds are missing part of their bodies and are like mummies.

When a surprised man saw it twice ......

The appearance of the bird was gone.

However, the bird of the mummy appeared suddenly in front of the man, the men screamed.

Flying Dutchman sailing in the sea at night.

Captain of this ship is a villain of this time and a salazar with a different name of the dead god of the sea. Salazar has a tremendous purpose of defeating Jack Sparrow and killing all the pirates.

Sailor of ferocious salazar.

A ship that boldly stands against the attack of Salazar.

The captain, the pirate Hector Barbossa (Jeffrey Rush) familiar in the series,

It was a salazar that appeared behind Barbosa.

A fierce battle began at sea.

"Death" dominates the ocean "

"What they are looking for is Sparrow"

Beautiful beach with clear sea.

On the beach, women are running out of breath.

Sarazar seafarers are chasing women.

It is black pearl sailing while it is about to fall into the valley of the sea which broke into two.

In the battle at sea, there was a big explosion that the ship burned up.

Even though I am surrounded by flames, I do not care about the salazar.

Will Turner, who became captain of the Flying Dutchman who can only rise to land once in 10 years, has appeared since the third work "Pirates of the Caribbean: World End".

You can see the appearance of a shark in the sea, but its body is ragged. Is this also an influence of salazar ... ?.

Jack Sparrow appeared at the end of the trailer.

Jack Sparrow, a toast to say "to the pirate's way of life".

The movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Last Pirate" will be released on May 26, 2017 in the USA. Publication in Japan is scheduled for July 1st.

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