2011 PL fireworks art, the state of local crowds look like this

Religious group headquartered in Tondabayashi City, Osaka prefecturePerfect LibertyIs famous for the high school baseball high school PL school high school of high school baseball, another famous one will be held on August 1Guru festivalIn "Guru Festival PL fireworks art (PL fireworks)"is.

This firework showed that the first grandchildren said, "When I die, this teaching will spread to the world, so that it is awful for world peace that I will die, so even if I die I will cry and mourn Fireworks that are one of the most prestigious Kinki fireworks booths that boasts the number of launch (the last one is a religious event but the recognition of the world is one of the fireworks display) It has become.

In this time, I did not have any advance booking etc, and I took a train on the day and went to see how many places I could see the fireworks.

Arrived at Kintetsu Abe Nobashi Station

Temporary tickets are sold to Tondabayashi station which is the nearest station of PL fireworks art, and further increase is increasing

To Sapporo's Apen Bridge

An announcement that "After the fireworks, Kiyoshi, Tondabayashi, Tondabayashi West Exit, Kawanishi will restrict entrance" was flowing in the car.

2011 PL fireworks art "To Tondabayashi station on Kintetsu" - YouTube

Arrived at Tondabayashi station

A lot of people

Guide inside the station

Temporary ticket gates are provided and IC cards are also available

IC card ticket gate

There is also a temporary checkout place

Where I left the station

It's already around 17 o'clock.

Careful attention

Last contact time table

Temporary ticket office


2011 PL fireworks art "Crowdedness near Tondabayashi station" - YouTube

Various store opening

Cucumber pickled in a bottle

Apple cake or something


The nearby Daiei Tondabayashi store is in a state of battle like this

Parking Lot

People are sitting on the streets around there

Go straight to PL fireworks art venue

There are a lot of store openings on the left and right

Sitting and eating people

Finally found the guide board

Ultra Ayashi guide such as "Places where you can see the fireworks well" ... to believe this as it is to go forward

Where and the location where ... ....

A famous tower of PL came into sight

Up of the tower

The main office of PL is

Traffic regulation from 16 o'clock to around 23 o'clock

This is a charged viewing seat, there is no ticket on the day

PL front office agency

More and more people will continue to increase

It is not a level to say that it increases

Traffic is regulated at 16 o'clock, after that the road looks like this. It is impossible to come by car.

Arrive in a well-visible place

There are lots of bytes selling pizza

Domino pizza was sold for 1000 yen per piece, so purchase


So fireworks are planned to be launched from 19:55 to 20:50.

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2011 PL fireworks art, raging climax movies, etc.

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