NEC to sell an ISP "NEC Big Lobe" affiliated with NEC

NEC is a subsidiary and an Internet service provider (ISP)NEC Big Lobe"It was reported that it is a policy to sell it.

NEC to sell Big Lobe of a network connection provider = Relations source | Reuters

NEC, NEC To Sell Big Lobe: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Originally NEC had operated ISP called mesh and PC-VAN of PC communication service, but in 1996 we launched "BIGLOBE" as a service integrating these. Mesh in 1999, PC-VAN in 2003 stopped service.

As long as NEC's "BIGLOBE Business Division" served as a service, in 2006 it was separated as "NEC Big Lobe Co., Ltd." As ISP, the number of broadband connection service users as of the end of June 2013 is 330,000 people. The total number of page views per month was 600 million PV, the number of unique users was 140.2 million UU.

Among the services of BIGLOBE, one of the widely-known services was launched in 2009 as an animated portal site "Anime One"is.

There was a streaming delivery of the main contents of TV animation at a fee-free and free streaming, "Work log" which records work information, watched animation, "My program list" function which can make your own program guide. Also, using the questionnaire functionAnnual animation 10 big newsYaAttention ranking of new program,The best 10 in broadcasted animationWe played the role of raising up animation related topics such as announcing.

However, due to business reorganization, Animation One will be terminated as of September 30, 2013. NEC Big Lobe itself is to be sold.

Anime One

Although NEC has not announced the release or comment, according to Reuters report, it is said that primary bidding that chooses the sale destination will be carried out during November.

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