What the startup company should do to get customers

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It is extremely difficult to put new business on the track, and there are many businesses that unexpectedly end up being able to secure customers steadily. The next recommendation is that Dan Shipper who runs a company called Firefly, a company that develops B2B applications can get customers steadilyWhat action should be taken at startupIt is advice about.

How to get your first 10 customers «Dan Shipper - Distilled Thinking

· Three ignorance
B2BThere are three "ignorant" to those who started the business of the app to resolve in order to acquire the first few customers. that is,
1:Do not know how to sell items
2:Do not know who to sell goods to
3:What things are selling, things that do not actually know about the product

"Because no one tells us this answer, most people will go unscheduled, looking for customers as soon as possible," Dan pointed out. Here, Mr. Dan's saying "Looking for customers" that the unplanned people are doing is a matter of doing halfway advertisements, writing a little on the forum, making a small post on the blog, or writing to a journalist Something like sending tasteless dry mail. Of course, no results will come out, but they will conclude that "Because my items are immature, nobody is asking for it." If you are planning to acquire customers with these ideas and methods, Mr. Dan says that it will be difficult to truly understand the reasons for not going wrong.

ByAlmond Dhukka

· Do not pack items into "black black bags"
It is a big mistake to conclude that "The product is immature," as mentioned above,What you need at startup is to understand what you are "sold"is. Many people misunderstand that they know "what they sell", "where they are worth" and "who wants it", but that is just a delusion.

What to do at startup,To ask themselves where the value of their products lies, worthy to whom, and why it can be said that it is worth to that personis. When doing something, if you are trying to sell something like clarifying what you are going to do, you need to understand what you are going to sell. But starting to sell goods without understanding it is just as good as packing products into a black bag that you do not know what's in. There is some feeling if you put your hands in your bag, but I can not grasp exactly what it is.

ByHobvias sudoneighm

However, most people do not have such a mental attitude. There is some value in the product, I think that I know the value, I will run for sale. Then you know that all parties are indifferent to the product and conclude that "things are not good."

Based on this failure that often occurs at startup, Dan says that the following actions are important.

◆ 1: Being honest
People often lie to protect themselves. Some may have been taught that it is a necessary lie to stand up against confronted difficulties. But in this world there are two people who should never lie, one of them is a rocket engineer and the other one is an entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur is lying to himself, it seems that the company is going bankrupt before the opening of business.

"Do you know something about this product?" "Do you know who wants it?" "Do you know how to sell?" ... I do not know if I do not know that I know that Then it is visible that the project will fail, that failure is nothing less than an entrepreneur's own failure.

◆ 2: Admitting that you do not know
To recognize the fact that you do not know and to notice the need to look for it is the first step towards the right direction. If you are just starting a business, it is very important to recognize that you do not know exactly where the value of the product is. You should set the goal to find out seriously whether you truly value your goods or if it's worth it if you are worth it, rather than pressing the virtual you are misunderstanding as a vision .

◆ 3: Contact with people
The first thing most people do, buying inventory, posting to blog forums, sending mail, etc. are tasks against computers. However, in order to understand what is necessary at startup, it is important to talk with people. This is OK on the phone, the more you speak, the better. This advice has been repeated too frequently so far, so I may be bored with it. However, in fact, most blogs say "listen to customers" but I do not see examples of talking with customers.


◆ 4: Clarify the forecast and contact the target
Before going out, we need to clarify who we should talk with. To that end,
1:Hypothesize about the target
2:Find a company that matches the amount billed
3:Think about who in the company wants this item
Four:Send an email to touch
Five:Repeat these processes with more refinement
It is important.

It is not a good idea to send it to an address such as sales @ ~ or team @ ~ if the target is determined and contacted by mail. It is the Sekiyama that is almost ignored. If the target is decided, we must get the person's email address. This is a kind of excavation work. For example, if you are targeting Bob Smith of xyzcompany, you can also mail to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and so on. It is also effective to guess the company's email address format by accessing the company's prepared press page. As a last resort, it is ants to call and forward mails.

◆ 5: Effective use of privilege
If you have some "privilege", let's take full advantage of it. For example, being a student is a big advantage. There are few people who dislikes talking to students, and some people actively lend a hand. If you are a student, it is effective to include a sentence "Please give me advice" by e-mail.

ByUniversiteitskrant Univers

This is not an effective way only for students, it can be said that the mental hurdle is lower and it is an effective technique than sending an unfriendly sales e-mail that is tasteless and dry. Even when asking for advice from someone, it is important to always keep in mind that you are ignorant about how to sell, about the product, about the item's market, and learning about yourself is.

◆ 6: Listen to opinions, refraining from mouth
When making a sales call, it is very important to silently listen to the other person's story. Many people tend to speak lazily about their products, but they should absolutely quit. When telephone sales are successful, there is not much to talk about over than expected. "What is the problem that your company has?" "How often do you buy software?" "What software do you use elsewhere?" What kinds of tasks do you want to repeat? It is important, but here it is important to go over the mouth and listen to the story of the other party.


◆ 7: Continue relationships
The biggest failure that is likely to happen is to let people interested in the product cut the phone without having to clarify the next step. If you do not keep a promise, busy people will not remember your story. "Well then, when should we ask the next story?"

· What you see by selling
It is Dan who suggests important action guidelines as above, but the most important action to grasp customers at startup is "Selling goods actuallyIt is said that it is.

As I mentioned earlier, the act of selling goods without knowing what they are selling is an act of selling something in a black bag that can not be peeped out, but this black veil is like selling goods You can get rid of a little bit of it. Only when you sell you can see a small part of the item. You should write down the slightly visible things and think carefully. Otherwise, something that I saw will soon be lost.

ByGraham Blackall

Understand what the product is like the more you sell the productcan do. By continuing to sell for about a year or so, we gradually begin to understand what the product is like. It is absolutely impossible to understand what the product is like by emailing it to a journalist or writing it on a forum. The shop floor is the place to start finding the value of the goods, the place to start learning how to sell, and it is the place to start to understand what you are selling. Dan says that when you truly understand the product, you should have many customers.

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