Seven steps to be creative at all times

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Creativity is not a thing that art, technology, luck are good, it is a problem solving technique that can be applied to anything, and only creative insights and inspiration are needed, so creative people Seven steps to become "How to be CreativeIt is open to the public. Regardless of the special background such as intellectual, believing, innate talent, etc., the creative creativity as a methodology that can adapt to their own individual problems is as follows.

How to be Creative

◆ 01: Decide the goal
· Pick up issues and goals you want to use creativity


Since anything is okay, please set a goal to adapt your creative. If the goal becomes visible, problems to be solved will also be visible. And many of the goals in the head excite and stimulate us.

· Clarify what you want to achieve

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In order not to compete without any competitors, in order to reach a creative goal, it is not enough to set a goal. You need to clarify what you want to accomplish. Creativity can absolutely adapt to physical things, emotional things, spiritual things, whatever, but it is necessary to clarify the goal.

· Burning passion


No matter what the goal is, we must find an essential way to solve the problem. It is not about achieving the goal but the way to achieving the goal is important. It is impossible to be creative for things without passion, but we have obstacles to disturb their passions on the way to creative freedom. It is the first step to look at your confidential problem. Because you can reveal that only you are "disturbing what to achieve creative freedom".

◆ 02: We will clarify the idea of ​​restricting creativity in you
· "I do not know how to do" "I have never been taught" "I do not think I can" "I was told I can not do it"

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All these excuses keep you away from the goal. These ideas restrict imagination and creativity can not be demonstrated. Imagination is a tool to overcome challenges and solve problems.

· Change your mindset


By saying that, we can change this way of thinking as "We have unlimited imagination on the inside, can be infinitely expunged, and we will not lose them". If you are burning passion, you need to think of everything as a challenge. Once the passion is revealed, all the challenges you face will show new prospects.

We will start a detailed plan by challenging challenge. No matter what size it can be, as many as you can, please clarify the target. Also, you need to be honest with yourself. Please excuse me and acknowledge many things that disturb the achievement of the goal. The most important thing to achieve a creative goal is to forgive ourselves to make mistakes. Please change the excuse for the challenge.

· Imagination is always working

ByHelga Weber

Imagination works even when you are not conscious. When faced with problems, your head is using problem-solving skills and at the same time using some creativity. Once you recognize identity, you will be able to adapt this creative to other things,

◆ 03: Make an exciting role
· Understand what you can do now to move in the right direction

ByEric Magnuson

People often say "they do not know their own" or "they do not know the way" at the time of need of creativity, but in reality they are just words. However, people need to know what they want, and everything starts there. Whatever your goals and problems are, you need to know what you can do to embrace your passion.

· If something burns your passion, please acknowledge it as a creative signal to alert you

ByIvan Lian

Passion is a thing to promote. You will start using the energy of passion, but do not think that it is natural, understand your role and accept this passion from the bottom of my heart. It is still full of young energy. Some people say that your talent is 'talented', 'what is talented' or 'who cares', but just follow your dreams. Never answer "not" to those question marks.

It is important not to say "Who do you want to be?" But "How do you want to be known?" Is important. And please explode creative energy. Just do what you do and improve things.

· Do not fill up with your own role, exciting

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Knowing what strengths are is as important as knowing weaknesses. When it comes to fighting with enemies, they become weapons. No one has the same weapon, but people are born and some have weapons. Perhaps you have never used it, though. No matter how impossible it is, you must be convinced that you can do it. And the bigger the challenge, the more you will achieve it, but the more you have to do it will not increase. Please be sure to think that "I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do such a challenge."

◆ 04: to make it uncomfortable
· Faces negative emotions


If you clarify what is the problem, the challenging challenge, and yourself, what you need to do is face it with the embarrassing emotions that come next. Before reaching the goal, there is an incredible amount of learning to break your limits, but please take a look at each of these difficulties one by one. It's not a fun task, but I will make you learn suddenly. The negative feeling born at that time hides you from achieving the goal.

· Search for unpleasant feelings


The poor thing is not ashamed, and there is no shame in the place without a challenge. You have to put up with it until you can see the benefits of these. Tackle the difficulties one by one or at once, keeping the goal in your head. If it seems to me that it seems terrible at the beginning, it is the first step. It is the place where we can learn the possibility of the most, why we challenged many times while feeling uncomfortable emotions. There is nothing to spread your possibilities beyond trying it out.

· I feel something I did not feel before


No matter what it is, you need to start burning passion. It is necessary to start with the newly recognized challenge and feel what I had not felt before. It's not cozy, but rather quite the opposite. When feeling uncomfortable, I feel that negative emotions are rising up inside of me, but remember that at such times "This is the way the emotions are changing". You need to love the uncomfortable feelings to make the creative spirit better. It will be worse than I imagined, but in such a time proud of me who is challenging the challenge.

◆ 05: Trusting others
· Do not let people around you say you "can not"

ByClara Lehmann

This is made possible by trusting people. I need to listen to what people are saying and listen to the real meaning of what they are saying. Listen to their motives to convey those words. And please be aware of who they are helping them. If you feel that stimulating yourself to achieve your purpose, you will be able to stimulate them as well. The important thing is to work imagination in whatever circumstances it is, and manage to do with your own power no matter what happens. It is important to be able to handle things that happened in the outside world internally and to concentrate on what you should concentrate.

· Even if you say that you do not do so, you must trust others


No matter how many times I think "I will not trust anyone anymore", that is just a run-away. No matter how deeply you hurt in the past, you have to learn trust. If you have passion and goals and you know your weak point, please get out of there. And look closely at people who are likely to become human resources from among people around you. This is the next step.

· Ask for help, please accept help


In fact, the use of creativity in business depends on the leaders' excellence. In other words, how to use creativity in the workplace is how you separate your circumstances.

Adapting creativity to what you are working ultimately makes the product more innovative. Because you have infinite power with imagination, we can supply imagination indefinitely without wasting energy with its infinite supply.

◆ 06: I love failure
· Test your beliefs

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I can not see what is going on just under the nose when I walk up with my head high. We need to find new ways for growth all the time. Do not absolutely think that "I know everything" etc. It will be a target to make other people's creative dreams come true. The key to keeping passion keeps moving, and making sure not to catch up with anyone. Look for the pleasure in failing, but do not confuse it with the idea that it is wrong and natural. There is a need to deeply understand my beliefs, but do not overconfidence, always test your beliefs. If you become to love failures you will be able to learn by living, breathing and receiving new information without looking for new materials to learn. Please keep doubt about your beliefs.

· Love your failure

BySeyed mostafa zamani

You must keep your own beliefs, but you should also believe in the belief that you love mistakes. Even if you do not love the mistaken belief, you should think that you love what the truth of being wrong became obvious, and that you have the opportunity to grow and are fortunate. I will know new things every time my hypothesis is overturned. Every time I find mistakes in my thoughts, I can find new possibilities. Of course, there are many embarrassing things, but the benefits resulting from tackling the problems recognized in ourselves will change your life.

· Learn from failure

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Not only to apologize for the mistake, I will do my best not to repeat the same mistake twice. This can be said to be a simpler and more effective tactic to become better listeners, writers, designers, developers, friends, boyfriends, sons, and brothers.

Please remember when you apologized and apologized at the end. And think about how you handled it.

◆ 07: Become impatient
· All of us are wasting time by waiting, just watching and hoping

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Do not wait for someone, just start moving. You can stop reading this sentence to get started. Do not wait for someone to help me. If it does not go wrong unlike my expectations, I can move on to another thing. In the world full of opportunities, please never stop standing still.

Many people have not noticed, but you now know that imagination is infinite, so you can use imagination more than ever. Some people do not respect imagination, but that is shameful. Once you learn how to use imagination that creates external results once, you will never return to myself until then.

· Invest in passion


Without passion, you will spend a lot of time in your life. Please do not do something that does not light the hope in your body. Do not interrupt the fire, please do not let anyone disturb passion. Then the fire gets bigger and the effort creates creative. External creativity can be measured by your inside ...... how much control of creative flowing from your fingertip is being controlled, and how much your fingertips are directed to yourself. Please invest in your passion.

· The first thing to learn is to move quickly and learn along the way to the goal

Impatience is a beauty point. Creativity is not a slow process, you adjust that speed. Always be aware of the goal and how creativity will help you. Do not accept excuses again, please call the problem a challenge. Please keep looking for uncomfortable feelings that will lead you to growth. Trust others, love failure, do not stop learning. They are the most important.

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