Using "McDonald's Theory" brings out better ideas and the project will proceed


Which store goes to lunch time? When it comes to the story, when proposing to "go to McDonald's," it is returned unanimously and "McDonald's will stop" and it is said that a wonderful and better idea will come out, "Jon Bell advocated"McDonald's Theory". According to Bell, using this McDonald's theory seems to be able to deliver better ideas for business conferences and projects that tend to get stuck.

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By Mr. Bell's McDonald's theory we propose "the lowest of viable ideas" to say that the discussion will begin and people will be creative suddenly. In order not to carry out the worst idea, people try to put out good ideas.

This technique is often used by Bell himself at work. Starting from the top, handling preparations to listen to the rumor that something will start, there are various forms of starting the project. Sometimes people are thinking for many years before sharing ideas with people and can not be defined as a process when doing creative work but only one thing in common with all creative work It is that "the second step is easier than the first step at any time".

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Writer'sAnne LamottHe says "the worst draft" and Nike says to us "Just Do It, (only with action)", but Bell's advice is "to create a good idea to make people tired McDonald Use that. " Both of these things contain the meaning "First step is not harder than we think". Please stop thinking too much.

Even if you hear an inner voice criticizing that idea next time you come to think about your idea please remove the paper and the pen and write out the idea. "But I do not think there is no time to do this ... ..." or "a ridiculous idea", but do not deny yourself.

The same can be said when working in a group, so when discussion is done next in the early stages of the project, grab the marker and write ideas on the whiteboard. I think it will be a ridiculous idea, but that is fine. The idea triggers and animates the group.

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Anyway I have to start things, remove the first barriers and go to the next page. In addition to thinking in the mind, we actually write ideas, sketch, act and modify them. The first sketch just needs to write the form a little, then name the idea. "This is a foolish idea, but if ... ..." continue trying to solve the problem of sketched ideas. The moment you export the idea to the board, as if it is magical, incredible things will happen. The members of the project will start to suggest your own ideas and look at your ideas and will correct your idea. And at the end of the discussion, you will see great progress.


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