Possibility to overcome stereo blinds with immersive 3D heads-up display "Oculus Rift"

Stereoscopic vision technology using parallax such as parallax effect adopted in iOS 7 as well as 3D television show signs of spread, but stereoscopic viewing is difficult due to oblique view etc. People who can not enjoy 3D images (stereo blinds ) Is known to exist. However, immersive 3D head-up display "Oculus RiftHas the possibility to overcome the stereo blindness as well.

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"Oculus Rift (Oculus Lift)" is a display device worn on the head and displaying information in the field of viewHead Mounted Display (HMD)Similar to the direction and inclination of the headVirtual reality (virtual reality)As the scenery of the world fluctuatesHead-up display (HUD)It is a device classified into.

Oculus lift senses three axes, pitch, yaw, and roll with a sensor, and the image changes according to the movement of the head.

While the normal HMD has a viewing angle of about 45 degrees, the Oculus lift has an extremely wide viewing angle of 90 degrees for one eye and 110 degrees for both eyes, so it looks as if it is in the virtual space created by the image It is so high that it is so-called "immersive" HUD so that it remembers the illusion.

Here's a movie that you can understand indirectly how exquisite the Oculus lift is.

Jacob tries the Oculus Rift (roller coaster) - YouTube

A man wearing an Oculus lift. What I'm seeing is a virtual reality world image of a roller coaster.

When the coaster starts descending, you will not be able to stand on the realism of the image.

Thus, although it is an Oculus lift that realizes a realistic virtual reality world, it has been clarified that 3D benefits can be given to people who had difficulty in stereoscopic viewing so far.

The Bobby Blackwolf ShowBobby · Black Wolf who operates Bobby · Wolf was low vision since childhood and lost stereoscopic ability because he corrected his perspective in 18 years old. Nonetheless, Mr. Bobby was able to grasp the sense of distance, so it seems that there was nothing particularly inconvenient in daily life. But when he watches 3D movie he knows that he does not have stereoscopic vision ability. The image seen with old-fashioned red and green film glasses looks like red and green images, and 3D version "AvatarIt felt only as a dark 2D version.

Bobby lacking such stereoscopic vision ability, Nintendo's game machineNintendo 3DSI will be shocked when I see it at the exhibition. He also discovered that there is a sweet spot where the image of the game looks stereoscopically even for him without stereoscopic capability. It was Bobby who thought that I had the best stereoscopic experience in my life with life, but I feel that using the Oculus lift is that it was only the beginning.

Bobby who talks about Ocarus Lift as a favorite tool that will realize the best 3D experience will be able to feel the world of 3D only when wearing the Oculus lift. For Bobby you can not see stereoscopically in ordinary 3D images and the image that appears three-dimensional at last finally by using the Oculus lift (picture wall and candle image) is also available for people with stereoscopic vision, It is understood that it is a sight that attracts attention when installed.

◆ Improved Ocarus Lift
Although it is an Oculus lift that realizes such an amazing 3D world, further improvements are being made.

At the present time the Oculus lift is only a tool to enjoy the dedicated image prepared in advance, but the improved model equipped with the camera on the entire display is to enjoy the virtual reality world of the Oculus lift while watching the surrounding real world It is possible.

Also, models with cameras that track movement of eyes of people wearing ocular lift have been studied. As a reason why many people with perspective have no stereoscopic vision ability,Inter-pupil distance (PD)Is not constant and both eyes may not be able to stare one thing straight, but a model that can track eye movement may be able to solve this. By instantaneously calculating the movement of the eye (pupil) and finely adjusting the image accordingly, it is thought that stereoscopic viewing becomes possible because even a person whose PD is not constant can see things firmly with both eyes I will.

◆ Oculus lift as a treatment tool
Mr. Bobby is hoping that people who do not have stereoscopic vision capabilities can experience the 3D image not only as an entertainment but also for "treatment". Compared to block strings etc. of vision correction instruments with strings with different color beads, the Oculus lift is gaming nature and it is so much fun that if it can be used as a vision recovery tool it is very effectiveGamificationBobby thinks it should be a tool and it should be effective for treatment.

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