"ZIPHIUS" which can take photos and movies underwater with radio control like smartphone with easy operation from smartphone

We add information to the real environment surrounding ourselves and extend the real world seen by humansAugmented reality(AR), Google's glasses type PC "Google GlassAlthough they are also calling on topics as glasses with AR function, you can play games etc. using floating devices like a radio control, operating from smartphones and tablets, taking pictures taken on the surface of the sea or underwater It is "to make it possible"ZIPHIUS"is.

ZIPHIUS ™ - Coming Soon

The movie that introduced the details of the product is from the following.

Ziphius - Features - YouTube

Ziphius is a device that can be operated underwater by operating from a mobile terminal such as a smartphone or tablet.

Move the controller on the application to advance the device in front and behind ... ....

It is also possible to change direction by wrapping.

It has two high-performance turbines, and it proceeds at 10 km / h.

Because it is based on hydrodynamics it has less resistance and succeeded in improving performance.

Even if the device is turned over due to the wave sway, it is designed to return to where it should be.

Since Wi-Fi can be used if it is within the range of 90 m, it can be controlled even if it floats in a remote place.

It is possible to stream HD movies.

Since the position of the camera can be adjusted, it is possible to shoot not only the water surface but also the state underwater.

Flash light at the bottom of the device.

Using a highly safe LiFe PO 4 battery, continuous use for about 1 hour is possible.

If you develop applications in the future, you will be able to play games using the AR function based on the images taken by ZIPHIUS.

Changing the color and shape of the main body looks like this.

The LED light installed at the top blinks red, green and blue.

You can see how you are actually playing from the following.

Ziphius keeps on practicing! - YouTube

The image captured by ZIPHIUS floating in the pool looks like this. Controllers are displayed on the left and right sides of the screen.

I will advance the water more and more by operating the controller.

A woman who operates ZIPHIUS from the end of the pool.

Turning the controller around ... ...

I rolled over the surface of the water.

Since it is possible to see things from the first person viewpoint of ZIPHIUS, even if there are obstacles, we can avoid swiss.

ZIPHIUS is currentlyEngadgetIt is being entered in the contest which is being held at, and it is recruiting votes. If you win, you can get a prize of 20,000 dollars (about 1.9 million yen), and it will become possible to develop and commercialize devices.

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