"Do not bring guns inside the store," Starbucks CEOs expressed their views


In the USA, a gun society, in some states, if you can see some of the barrels you can carry a gun "Open carry methodDiscussion about the situation is becoming popular. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz expressed his opinion that in his blog "Do not bring guns and firearms into Starbucks."

An Open Letter from Howard Schultz, ceo of Starbucks Coffee Company | Starbucks Coffee Company

In the American Starbucks, in accordance with the provincial laws concerning the gun 's carrying, it was showing a relatively open attitude. But Starbucks and its employees have been confused with the movements of public opinion in the past few months, including the gun shooting incident, so Starbuck's future policy on the possession of guns was announced by Mr. Howard Schulz.

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Mr. Howard Schulz said, "Please do not bring a gun tug in the Starbucks shop or on the terrace seat", police officers and others who need to carry a gun, following the state law We refused to bring the gun to the store of the store.


"There are two points of this request, one is not" compulsion. "Forcibly prohibiting bringing in a gun can be a problem with an employee and armed guests, the second is "It means that we can not satisfy everyone," Mr. Howard Schulz said, although customers are unavoidable from declining, but taking a neutral position prevents major conflicts from both sides There is aim.


Before the gun supportersStarbucks Appreciation Day"An event supporting guns was held at the stores, which caused misunderstandings to the media that Starbucks is a" champion "of the Open Carry Act. Starbucks' vision is "a third place where peace between home and work can be felt", said the discussion and policy decision process on gun should be done on political scene.


It is a familiar thin gun problem because the possession of a gun is prohibited in Japan, but in the United States where gun shooting scenes occur frequently, it seems that you have to consider the guns deeply in the management of the coffee shop.

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