"I am not afraid of anything any more", a woman in the late stage repulsed bank robbery

When the bank robbery broke in, the woman who was present was rushed to the burglar and it fought off with superbly.

A courageous woman who tackled a robbery with a weapon said, "Because I am a terminal cancer, I have not had anything more scary," and the behavior and justice of those who thought that life was unlikely was arrested for robbery It seems to have led to.

The end of things is from the following.Woman, 66, tackles robber, credits her cancer for giving her bravery - South Florida Sun - Sentinel.com

A woman who cooperated in arresting superbly appeared with a tackle in a robbery that ran into the scandalous scandal at a bank in California / Auckland.

Branch office "Bank of America" ​​branch.

Helen Dunsford (66 years old) who played the big capture responded to telephone interview, "From FBI, it is told to not tell anyone newspaper companies anything, the truth is announced by the police "Please wait for that, so please wait for it." "I answered" Thank you, yes, I do not have any problem "to the question" Is not your physical condition broken after the incident? "

A sheriff's spokesman, Mike Jachles, asked the woman why he tackled the robbery and said, "She revealed herself being affected by late stage cancer, so there is nothing to lose for that reason, He told me that the bad guys in front of him could not allow him to escape. "

"Citizens boldly confronting robbers" seems cool, but FBI's special investigator Michael Leverock, when encountering a robbery, does not confront even actions of justice, as a witness as much We are commenting that providing the testimonies is the most successful. However, the FBI authorities praised this women's success as "dedicated and brave action".

The suspects pushed into Bank of America before lunch and as soon as a female customer touched his wallet, they threatened everyone in the store to lie down on the floor and requested that they be out. According to Pat Kaveney 's testimonies that were just in the window at the time of the incident, although the woman of the criminal entered the store with the first male, the man with the boyfriend closed immediately, the woman retreated to the crime by himself alone It is said that. Then the criminal attracted a gun to the window and requested $ 10,000 (about 840,000 yen).

Instantly Dunsford rushed to the culprit and kept it clinging to the floor, holding it on the floor, cried out that "I am affected by cancer! If you want to kill, kill me!" As a result, the culprit It means that he was arrested.

Dunsford's shadow shot taken when taken up by another incident.

The identity of Renee Lee Green (32 years old) was clarified by the FBI and detained in Broward Prison. Strangely, the man who first entered the bank with the suspect returned to the scene, headed towards the crowd who gathered something, from the car "She has a problem in the spirit" It means that she was shouting.

Incidentally, this time was not the first time Dunsford who was a big success in arresting the criminal was picked up in the newspaper, but the city tried to remove possession which was placed in the garden of her villa in Fort Lauderdale Especially at that time Dunsford said "I will die if I protect my possessions", I checked the city side. However, as a result, those belongings have been removed.

A scene of a scene photographed at the time of the riot. I can understand that there was tremendous household goods in the garden by the truck carrier.

Although it seems that she is suffering from cancer is giving her more courage than she, I would like you to devote herself to treatment without making too much of it as a shield.

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