"Smart Gun" to prevent accidents with personal authentication system and the disturbance related to it

in JapanI make a gun with a 3D printerAlthough the affair appears and it seems to be a social problem, in the United States where the possession of a gun has been widely accepted since a long time, various interests are intertwined and there seems to be a more complicated situation. Introducing the latest digital technology to increase the safety of guns "Smart gunDespite the fact that it has reached close to release, the situation is being withdrawn due to strong opposition from various sides.

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◆ Smart Gun "iP1" with an authentication system to suppress erroneous injection
Short-range wireless communication technologyRFIDIt is called "smart gun" which incorporates safety equipment that suppresses use other than owner and authorized person by performing authentication usingIP1The GermanArmatixIt is a pistol developed by.

It is almost like an iP1 with appearance that is likely to appear in movies, but its contents are genuine guns that can actually fire bullets.

The most important feature is a safety system using digital technology. In order to fire a bullet on iP1, it is necessary to wear a wristwatch-type authentication device called "iW1", and only when it is authenticated, the LED lamp of the grip part lights in green and shoots It will be able to do.

The appearance of iW1 looks something like this. You enter a 5 digit authentication code (PIN code) and allow launch only when it is within 10 inches (about 25 cm) from iP1. The time to continue the authentication can be set between 1 hour and 8 hours.

Only when authentication is performed with iW 1 attached to the wrist etc, it becomes possible to actually shoot the gun.

It is said that the price of iP1 is 1399 dollars (about 140,000 yen), and iW 1 is 399 dollars (about 40,000 yen), which is a higher setting compared to the price of handguns currently on sale. In the gun society America, crimes committed by guns as well as small children taking hands of parents cause an erroneous incident and the lives are deprived, police officers who are engaged with the criminal are robbed of guns and shot down Armatix says that smart guns are effective in order to eliminate such unfortunate incidents.

♦ Anti-opposition from gun violists
Although it is a smart gun that has the possibility to suppress unexpected accidents and reduce misfortune and has been coming soon to be sold on the market soon, in the United States domestic voting and opposition are in a state of confusion.

Hold a store in Maryland, USAEngage ArmamentAnnounced that it will begin handling iP1 from May 1, 2014, but since a tough opponent from gun protection advocate has been delivered by Facebook or by telephone, we will cancel the plan soon after the announcement I decided to do. There was a threat to opposing the shop owner and his family and even the pet's dog's life in opposition. A gun with new technology like iP1 is forcedArticle 2 of the amendment of the Constitution of the United StatesGun enthusiasts worried about the infringement ofNRA(National Rifle Association) members show a strong opposition.

What the opposition is based on was the gun control law enacted in New Jersey in 2002. Under the law, if a gun with a system that suppresses bullet firing by a person who is not approved like iP1 is launched in any region of the US, it will be sold within the state within 3 years All pistols are supposed to have to have such characteristics. Actually it is the law which did not exist because such a gun did not exist, but if Engage Armament started handling iP1 in Maryland, the situation will change completely. It is impossible to sell existing firearms within 3 years so that organizations in interested relationships including gun enthusiasts have taken a strong sense of crisis and took a tough opposition, It exists as.

ByRetrofuturs Stéphane Massa-Bidal

Even at the time the law was established in 2002, it was thought that some guns like smart guns will appear on the market soon, but in reality it did not reach it. Mr. Brian Miller, who was involved in the formation of the law, said, "The cause is simple, because the firearm industry and its lobbyists pressed pressure to prevent manufacturers from making such guns." I will.

Even now, it is said that many gun owners are not opposed to selling smart guns, but that has the condition "to be allowed to sell guns as usual". Andy Raymond, owner of Engage Armament, releases the movie on YouTube after stopping the sales plan for iP1. Although the movie was deleted immediately afterwards, Mr. Raymond said "Although purchasing smart guns themselves is a right recognized by citizens," even if it is supposed that smart guns are mandated by law , It is a criminal act, "reveals his stance of opposing the forces of spreading it throughout the United States by enacting laws in New Jersey by expediting their own plan with a terrible sword curtain.

Elnslo Muff, who developed the world's first smart gun, iP1, said, "While expressing deep gratitude and understanding" to the culture in American gun society, "iP1 is a positive, highly secure gun society, As a result the number of gun enthusiasts will increase "as insisting that smart gun does not threaten the right to hold guns in the United States.

Although this time the riot that developed the situation that the new technology for improving the safety was torn down due to the influence of various speculations, gun society The current circumstances surrounding guns in America are tremendously complicated intertwining It is a riot that makes you feel.

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