A smart gun "gang smart gun" that interlocks with a smartphone in real time, instantly share the position, time, remaining number of bullets, shooting angle etc.

I started a business in Silicon Valley "Yardarm"It turned out that the startup called" Smart Gun "which can manage gun usage data in real time with smartphone and PC is being developed. The smart gun being developed by Yardarm can instantaneously share the gun's shooting information among police officers and also supports voice communication


You can check out what the smart gun Yardarm is developing from the following movie.

Yardarm Technologies on Vimeo

The pistols used to protect citizens and their own from dangerous criminals are essential equipment for American police officers.

Yardarm is developing a smart gun to make police officers use the firearms as low as possible and to allow police officers to perform their duties safely.

The smart gun being developed by Yardarm has a special device in the magazine part, and the police can use the function which could not be thought of with existing pistols.

One of the functions installed in Yardarm's Smart Gun is real-time sharing of location information using geolocation.

For example, when a police officer takes out a handgun from a holster or shoots a gun ... ...

Real-time usage information of handgun is displayed on the head office's PC. If you got instantaneous information on the use of guns, you will be able to understand the current situation of the police officers and make decisions about the instructions from the headquarters and the organization of the reinforcement units to be sent to the site earlier than before Thing.

Since real-time information is transmitted wirelessly, not only the headquarters dashboard ... ...

It is also displayed on the smartphone owned by the police officer. If gun usage information is updated in the vicinity of the current location, we will put it in an alert state without waiting for instructions from the headquarters.

In addition to the position and time, detailed information such as the number of bullets shot and the shooting angle of the bullet are included in the use information of the handgun that is updated in real time, and it can be used for the case investigation.

The smart gun that Yardarm is developing also has a voice communication function. A scientific investigation team in the field can instantly share the details of the site by talking directly with the police officer in the field via smart gun.

For police it is a smart gun that seems to be a fairly useful tool,NRA(National Rifle Association) and gun enthusiasts to introduce smart gunThe opposite voice is risingIt is also a fact.

The fact that NRA and gun enthusiasts are concerned is not to install technology on heavy weapons, but the possibility that the US government will force smart guns in place of existing heavy weapons. If expensive smart guns are sold only, it is obvious that there is damage to gun enthusiasts and NRA.

In May 2014 the smart gun "iP1", which was in the development stage,The plan was torn down as a result of major oppositionAlthough there were things, Yardarm 's smart gun can attract sales, attention will be focused on future developments.

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