A method to break through iPhone 5s fingerprint authentication "TouchID" turned out

For iPhone 5s released on 20th September 2013, a fingerprint authentication sensor "TouchIDIt is equipped with advanced security that can unlock the terminal and certify when purchasing the application, but the German hacker group "Chaos Computer Club(CCC) "broke through TouchID using the duplicated fingerprints, and the method is disclosed.

CCC | Chaos Computer Club breaks Apple TouchID

CCC | How to fake fingerprints?

To clone fingerprints, you need a clear original fingerprint and CCC uses the fingerprints left in the glass bottle. Besides glass, it is possible to collect fingerprints from spectacles and doorknobs.

Lightly trace the fingerprints left in the bottle with a brush attached with graphite powder to visualize the fingerprint.

Besides the above methodsCyanoacrylateIt is also possible to visualize fingerprints remaining in the bottle using instantaneous adhesives containing.

When the instantaneous adhesive was removed, the fingerprint appeared white.

Next, take a fingerprint attached to the bottle and transfer it to your computer.

Invert the captured fingerprint and edit it to a resolution of 1200 dpi or more.

Edit fingerprintOHPPrinting on a sheet with a laser printer. Pour woodworking bonds onto it and duplicate fake fingerprints.

From below for woodworking bonds ......

Extend it to the whole.

The bond dried and became transparent.

If you peel and peel off, the fingerprint copy is complete.

Once you pasted the fingerprints on your finger, you are ready to hack your TouchID.

You can check the appearance of breaking through "TouchID" using fingerprints duplicated by the above method from the following movie.

Hacking iphone 5S touchID - YouTube

First, register the fingerprint of the index finger.

After registering the fingerprint, try unlocking the terminal in fact.

It can be released properly, and it is confirmed that TouchID works with the registered fingerprint of index finger.

Next, paste the fake fingerprint of the index finger duplicated by CCC method on the middle finger.

This is the fingerprint of the finger of the index finger stuck on the middle finger.

Pick up the fingerprints that you duplicated on TouchID.

Successful terminal cancellation without problems.

CCC's "method of duplicating fingerprints" is somewhat labor-intensive, so it's not that everyone can do it easily, but carefully as some people may actually come out.

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