How to create a fake fingerprint that you can see with 6 steps and illustrations

ByCJ Isherwood

IPhone 5sThe fingerprint authentication is installed in the home button of the fingerprint authentication system, and the method of using fingerprints as security measures is gradually becoming increasingly common, the way to make a copy of fingerprints of othersWikiHowIt is open to the public.

How to Fake Fingerprints: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

◆ 1: Obtaining the original fingerprint

As fingerprints good acquisition methods are glass, door knob, glossy paper. When sprayed with colored powder to the item attached with fingerprints, it adheres to fats and it is possible to visualize fingerprints. This is also used in scientific criminal investigations.

◆ 2:Fingerprint detection cyano method

If you prepare a strong adhesive such as Aron Alpha or one containing cyanoacrylate (the main ingredient of a strong adhesive), when a small amount is poured into a lid of a bottle or the like, the vaporized adhesive is added to a component such as fat adhering to the fingerprint It reacts and solidifies white.

◆ 3: Obtain a digital copy

The goal is to create an exact copy that will be the type from the detected fingerprint,Overhead projectorIt is to copy the detected fingerprint on a transparent sheet used in the laser printer.

◆ 4: Moisturizing with woodworking bond and glycerin

Once the bond is accurately formulated, a thin film is coated on the printed out dummy by painting it thinly.

◆ 5: Cut the dried coating

Once the coating with the fingerprints has dried, remove it cleanly and cut it to the size of the finger.

◆ 6: Completion of new fingerprint

After applying the adhesive to the back of the cut coating and pasting it on your finger, preparation for your new identification is completed.

ByCJ Isherwood

I do not know if we can truly pass through the fingerprint authentication technology, but if you know that such technology exists to protect yourself against the penetration of fingerprint authentication technology, There is none.

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