The world's smallest car that can run at 40 km / h when updating Guinness records

An American car produced by Austin Coulson is the world's smallest car allowed to use on the roadGuinness World RecordsIt was certified. Since the previous record was approved by Guinness in 2009 the car made in Britain with a total length of about 1.3 meters has been updated for the first time in four years.

Smallest Car In The World - Guinness World Records 2014 - YouTube

Coulson's job is to make a custom car by remodeling the actual car.

This time the world's smallest car certified as Guinness is assembled from scratch with almost no part of actual car parts, it is about 1 meter 26 centimeters in length, about 65 centimeters in width, about 63 centimeters in height .

If I tell my family to make the smallest car in the world, it is skeptical that "It may be possible to make, but it is difficult to take permission to drive on the public road".

Although I was worried about my family, I finally got a license to run on the public road, and it became possible to drive.

The car that Coulson drives is allowed to run at a maximum speed of 40 kilometers.

On the car body, it is drawn on the aircraft of military aircraft etc.Nose ArtDesign Shark Mouse.

It seems that there is quite a bit of weight though it is small but it is lifting with three people.

The letter "IM BIG" on the number plate.

The power portion of the car4 stroke engineIt was made using.

In order to obtain a license to run on the public road, we used safety glassFederal Automobile Safety StandardsWe mounted head lights and tail lights of the standards stipulated by.

Also, seat belts and ...

There is also a button for ringing horn.

When actually getting on, it looks a bit cramped with such feeling.

When you get in, you leave.

It seems a little surreal that the smallest car in the world is traveling on a wide road in the United States.

Coulson, who wanted to publish the Guinness new record in some genre, thought that when he saw the world's smallest car record, "This would be a new record!"

This video was posted on the YouTube channel of Guinness World Records, and you can also watch movies of various genres that updated Guinness records.

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