The world's fastest furniture record updated

A sofa that can run through the ground at 92 mph (148 km / h) appears. Recorded the fastest sofa record so far has been certified as Guinness. It is a luxurious ride with a comfortable and relaxing environment loaded not only on the sofa, desk and planter, biscuits to tea.

Details are as below.
The Sun Online - News: Man drives his sofa at 92 mph

It looks like he is actually running.
YouTube - Sofa world speed record

Mr. Marek, a gardener who got the right to ride this sofa at a charity auction, said that after running it said, "I was afraid, I felt that everything collided and I was about to blow away."

The sofa which was ranked number one in the world until the record was broken. With a V8 engine, you can run at 87 mph (about 140 km).
Have you ever been overtaken by a sofa ?, Article

This person is also running the office on the public road.
YouTube - mobilized office

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