The big man runs around the town and the highway with the world's smallest automobile "P45"

"The Peel P50" is the world's smallest car that can travel on public roadsThere is a car called, but by making cars smaller than that, British car variety showTop gearCreates a single passenger car called "P45", actually MCJeremy ClarksonI got in and started running on the public road.

Jeremy Clarkson's P45 - Top Gear - Series 19 Episode 1 Highlight - BBC Two - YouTube

P45 that appeared nuzzy, I'm worried about whether it can be expressed as "car"Coventry UniversityIt is a machine made with the help of students who are designing cars.

Jeremy who is riding is 6 feet 5 inches tall (about 195.6 cm). It is the man who does not suit this P45 most.

Because I can not get much speed, at the beginning of the traffic ... ....

However, Jeremy noticed that it is possible to take advantage of the small truck body and use interrupt tactics.

Because the car body is small, it is weak to the unevenness of the road surface, and I ran away between cars without thinking.

Like a car, like a motorcycle, like a cart ... ....

Although the upper body is roughly covered, it covers the helmet for protection, but the front has become cloudy.

Arrive at gas station

Kyukyu ___ ___ ___ 0


It seems that the tank capacity is rather small, slightly less than 1.7 liters.

However, the minimum unit of sales is 2 liters.

, Jeremy retreated P45 smoothly ... ...

I started pouring gasoline to the trash box until it reached 2 liters. That's what.

P45 who ran into Gokigen again

As expected the expressway seemed scary, Jeremy also screamed and screaming.

It is a place to wonder how it was tampered with by other performers on studio.

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