If the content of the broadcasting station infringes its own copyright, the software misrecognizes

American broadcasterHBOInternet content to deliverMarkMonitorIt was regarded as infringing the copyright of HBO (ie company) by the company's copyright monitoring system "DtecNet". In the United StatesDigital Millennium Copyright LawBased on the content copyright infringed based on the content can be deleted without detailed investigation, DtecNet has sent a deletion notice to the Google that HBO company's content is being infringed by HBO .

HBO Wants Google to Censor .... HBO.com | TorrentFreak

Daily Dot | Copyright monitoring firm flags HBO.com for pirating HBO content

I hear it even with a funny story, but the problem is scheduled to start in the United States in the beginning of 2013Copyright warning system(CAS) software used by MarkMonitor Company which developed DtecNet.

CASAmerican Film InstituteYaAmerican Record AssociationTries to prevent illegal downloads by combining hands with the ISP of the major USEffortsIn order to operate this system, it was organizedCenter for Copyright Information(CCI) monitors the IP address and sends warnings to users illegally downloading in stages. Since it is assumed that warnings are sent up to six times, so-called "Six StrikesIt is called. Since illegal downloading is not prohibited by law, even if you ignore warnings there is no penalty,TorrentFreakAccording to the investigation, we have an agreementAT & amp; TBlock access to illegal users' sites, telecom companiesVerizonWill slow down the communication speed and Time Warner Cable will also take measures such as interrupting the use of the temporary Internet temporarily.

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To prevent copyright infringement in FranceThree strikes methodAlthough it was enacted, Six Strikes is not stipulated in law, and the target is a file sharing systemBitTorrentIt is almost restricted to users, and as a crackdown on the pirated version as a whole it will have limited effectIt is considered.

Six Strikes was scheduled to start in 2011, but due to some reason the schedule is delayed. The start date was not officially announced, and as of January 26 TorrentFreak predicted that "It may start on February 18", but further delays may occur as a result of this time There seems to be sex.

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