Electric motorcycle "TTX 01" with maximum speed of about 200 km announced at UK · NEC motorcycle show

It is held from todayUK NEC motorcycle showThe electric motorcycle "TTX 01" which gives the maximum speed of 201.16 kilometers was announced. It is very ambitious spec.

Details are below.

125 mph electric bike unveiled at international show in Birmingham | Technology | The Guardian

The UKP 20,000 86 BHP, 2 WD, 125 mph Electric road legal motorcycle

TTX 01 will be released next JuneIsle of Man TT RaceIn parallel,Zero emissionsMotorcycle race only for car, electric motorcycle made to participate in TT x GP. It was installed in the chassis which diverted the Suzuki GSX 750 frame and underbodyAgniAgni Lynch Electric motors companyTwo motors made by squeezing the power of 87 horsepower (ps), it is possible to run at the maximum speed 201.16 kilometers. It takes 3.5 seconds to get 100 kilometers per hour from the start, which is equivalent to a 600cc racer.

Motorized vehicles, not limited to motorcycles, attract attention to the battery's sustained distance. Currently installed 14 kWh battery, the calculation is about 56 km. The track of the Isle of Man TT race is about 60 km / lap so it's not enough, but for the next version of 20 kWh battery it seems to aim at about 80 km.

By the way, from the point of view of safety, "There is hardly any sound" is a problem, "It is possible to deliberately make sounds but it is inefficient (as the quiet EV gets spread) a new road safety education becomes necessary "Azhar Hussain, who commanded development, commented.

It is based on this as a two-wheel drive, a battery that can be hot-swapped into a lightweight carbon frame,Regenerative brakeIt is said that the goal is to produce TTX 02 with 50 units in 2010 and sell it for 2.93 million yen.

Let's take a look at each part of TTX 01 in the photo.

You can see the other side of the cowl's gap. Very small power unit.

Is it possible to drive on public roads because it has a winker and a license plate receiver?

It is natural but sufficient size for practical use.

Yamaha's EC-02 (discontinued production) and Brammo's companyEnertiaAlthough it is an electric motorcycle that many so-called commuters were, etc., the era of full-fledged "motorcycle" may come by the appearance of TTX 01.

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