Fingerprint authentication sensor and camera mounted on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c official movie

Two models of Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, the new iPhones, were announced at "Apple Special Event" held by Apple on September 11th at Japan Time, and at the same time, official movies are published on the Apple site.

Apple - iPhone 5s - Video

Apple - iPhone 5c - Video

First of all, iPhone 5s

IPhone 5s with sophisticated design

The new technology of iPhone 5s is installed in the home button.

It seems that you answered that it is important to think about everyone who uses the iPhone and raise security performance.

And the born fingerprint authentication sensor "Touch ID"

Just touch the home button ......

Touch ID reads fingerprint and automatically unlocks

Can also be used for approval when shopping at the iTunes store

Improve accuracy of Touch ID every time you use it

You can also register multiple fingerprints

Also, it is possible to read fingerprints at any angle

The material with the highest transparency and hardness called sapphire crystal used for the button protects the sensor and focuses exactly on the user's finger as a lens

The steel ring around the button will sense your finger and let the Touch ID read the fingerprint.

The sensor reads fingerprint images with high resolution from below the skin surface.

Sensors categorize fingerprints as arched, looped and spiral shaped ... ...

We make precise verification with inaccessible accuracy and create overwhelming safety.

All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored in Secure Enclave of the new A7 chip.

Naturally fingerprint information will not be backed up to Apple's server or iCloud.

The iPhone 5s has simplified the important things such as security.

Next is a movie about the camera installed in iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s camera has evolved considerably.

IPhone 5s adopts a large opening of f / 2.2

In addition, we increased the state-of-the-art 8 megapixel backside illuminated CMOS sensor by 15%.

As a result, the image quality is improved by 33%

It handles all the work with a new A7 chip with a 64-bit desktop class architecture

As a result of mounting the A7 chip, the dynamic range of the picture becomes wider, the detail of highlights and shadows clearly appears, and the overall noise decreases.

In a dimly lit place, new automatic camera shake correction works.

When you press the shutter you can instantly shoot up to 4 photos, combine them and reduce image blurring.

In dark places white and amber It is possible to take a balanced image with two flashes.

The camera of iPhone 5s has a function to take 10 consecutive pictures in 1 second called burst mode and select the best continuous part.

There is also a slow motion function that can shoot 120 frames per second video with HD quality.

IPhone 5s will do all the confusing tasks other than shooting photos and videos.

The final is the official movie of the iPhone 5c

IPhone 5c that condensed the charm of iPhone 5

In addition, the body has five colors of colorful pink, yellow, blue, green, and white

IPhone 5c is the experience that hardware and software are born in harmony with each other.

In order to evolve that experience, we are dramatically smoothing the collaboration between the two hardware and software.

IPhone 5c intentionally uses beautiful plastic

We adopt one polycarbonate with seamless and smooth surface.

From the development stage iPhone 5c is firmly considered harmonization of form, material and color.

Until now it is the iPhone 5c that is committed to quality and safety

So, development of the design also started with a completely new structure.

The beginning is a piece of polycarbonate.

Put a steel reinforced frame on the polycarbonate.

The reinforced plate is a special part that also functions as an antenna.

Then turn on the back plate ... ...

The whole is assembled through multiple finishing processes.

These processes have a rugged construction that can not be ordinary plastic, and it also produces overwhelmingly beautiful products.

Also, a colorful case was developed according to iPhone 5c.

You can choose dozens of color combinations.

Also adopt 4 inch Retina display on the screen

Also equipped with A6 chip that brings high-speed, graphic-like graphics to gaming machines

8 megapixel iSight camera

Increase in the number of corresponding 4 G LTE frequencies

And it became the world 's best smartphone.

As for software, iOS 7 is also installed, and new functions such as control center and AirDrop are also added.

IOS 7 brings beautifully the iPhone 5c.

The color of the wallpaper matches the body color, and the translucent display can see the under color through through the operation.

IPhone 5c is a blend of hardware and software.

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