Apple presentation that "iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 & New iMac" appeared

On October 17, 2014, Apple held a recital called Special Event, "IPad Air 2"IPad mini 3"IMac Retina 5K display model"Mac mini" was announced.

Apple - Apple Events - Special Event October 2014

A movie shooting the state of the Apple Store when iPhone 6/6 Plus was released was displayed.

End of movie.

And Apple's CEO Tim Cook was on the stage.

The iPhone 6/6 Plus is the fastest in iPhone history and updates the first month sales record.

Release of iPhone 6/6 Plus in China is decided.

First of all, I talk about the service "Apple Pay" that I can pay iPhone 6/6 Plus over the payment terminal at a real store.

Apple Pay started in the USA

It is decided that 500 new companies will participate in Apple Pay.

"One touch check out" "No need to enter card number" "No need to enter address" "Not sharing retail shops and card information"

Apple Pay started in the United States on 20th October 2014.

Next was "Apple Watch"

Apple was supposed to handle various devices including Apple Watch, iPad mini, iPad Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac.

Mr. Craig · Federigi, Senior Vice President, Software Engineering, took the place, from which "iOS" and "OS X"

First of all iOS 8.

48% of iOS users install iOS 8 in 4 weeks after release.

On the other hand, 25% of Android users installed 313 days after Kitkat was released. It is an overwhelming difference.

IOS 8 is significantly upgraded from iOS 7.

"HealthKit" of the new application

Review what iOS 8 is like.

And "iOS 8.1"

"ICloud Photo Library"

Next is "OS X Yosemite"

Yosemite has extended its battery life by two hours.

Yosemite's UI.


From here we introduce the features of the new application.

Mr. Tim Cook reappeared and the iPad Air was projected on the screen.

IPad Air is extremely popular all over the world.

IPad is the number one PC shipments in 12 months until the third quarter of 2014, ranking first.

Customer satisfaction is also No. 1.

Customer satisfaction is 100%.

675,000 applications for iPad are released.

And one pencil projected on the screen.

The iPad that is hiding behind the pencil is very thin.

"IPad Air 2" finally appeared.

Tim Cook took out the iPad Air 2.

Just having it in your hand, it is thin enough to be transmitted to us.

The thinness is 6.1 mm

It is 18% thinner than the previous model.

The world's thinnest tablet is iPad Air 2.

IPad Air 2 is thin even if two piles are stacked.

Equipped with a high definition display, realizing the beauty that does not bring other tablet terminals close.

Reduce light reflection by 56%.

2nd generation 64 bit architecture, 40% faster CPU, 2.5 times faster GPU.

CPU performance is 180 times that of the original iPad.

Battery life is about 10 hours.

Shining body.

IPad Air 2 has improved cameras, photography has evolved.

Equipped with fingerprint authentication Touch ID.

8 million pixel camera · f / 2.4 · 1080p HD video.

Pictures taken with iPad Air 2.

The iPad Air 2 has a burst mode.

Time lapse shooting became also possible.

It is also possible to shoot slow motion movies.

New FaceTime HD camera · Refresh all sensors · Weight reduction of f / 2.2 · 81%.

802.11ac compatible.

Wi-Fi connection speeds up 2.8 times.

The speed of LTE is also up.

It corresponds to 20 LTE bands at a maximum of 150 Mbps.

Touch ID was first installed in the iPad series.

New image editing application "Pixelmator"

Image editing is possible by intuitive operation.

For example, Orix that is reflected in the image ......

You can erase it by touching.

Clear fresh.

There are also many filters that change the color.

Next is a video editing application "REPLAY"

REPLAY connects the videos saved in the album ......

You can add effects and edit them.

REPLAY is wonderful, it's a place where you can make complicated editing operations with touch all with just touch operation.

Evolution Retina display · 2nd generation 64 bit A 8X chip.

6.1 mm.

IPad Air 2 's Wi - Fi version of 16 GB is 499 dollars (about 53,000 yen), 64 GB is 599 dollars (about 64 thousand yen), 128 GB is 699 dollars (about 74 thousand yen).

IPad Air 2's Wi-Fi + LTE is 169GB for $ 629 (about 66,000 yen), 64GB for $ 729 (about 77,000 yen) and 128GB for $ 829 (about 88,000 yen). In JapanOfficial price and reservation reception day are also releasedIt is being done.

And, "iPad mini 3" was announced barely.

IPad mini 3 is 200 mm in height, 134.7 mm in width, 7.5 mm in thickness, 331 g in weight, 7.7 inch (diagonal) LED backlight with Retina display · IPS technology · 326 ppi with 2048 p × 1536 px · Anti-fingerprint repelling Oil coating · A7 chip with 64 bit architecture · M7 motion coprocessor · Touch ID.

The Wi-Fi version of iPad mini 3 is 16GB 399 dollars (about 42,000 yen), 499 dollars (about 53,000 yen), 599 dollars (about 63,000 yen)

IPad mini 3's Wi-Fi + LTE is $ 529 (about 56,000 yen), $ 629 (about 66,000 yen), and $ 729 (about 77,000 yen) for 16 GB. In addition, in JapanOfficial price and reservation reception day are also releasedIt is being done.

IPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 start accepting reservations from 17th October.

What terminals are announced next time?

Most Apple products have a Retina display.

IPhone 6

IPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

MacBook Pro.

And iMac joins the new Retina display family.

IMac with Retina display appeared.

Display with too high definition.

The threat 14.7 million pixels.

The new iMac is equipped with Retina 5K display.

The conventional HD is 1920 × 1080.

The pixel of Retina 5K display is about 7 times HD.

67% higher definition than 4K.

The thinnest part of the display is 5 mm.

Here iMac introduction movie was projected.

Anyway the display is beautiful.

The Mac Retina 5K display model is $ 2499 (about 260,000 yen). In addition, already on sale in Japan,Official price also releasedIt was done.

A new Mac mini was also announced.

Mr. Tim Cook got off the stage and the presentation ended successfully.

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