The fingerprint authentication sensor is expected to be installed on the iPhone 5S home button

Local time From 10 am on September 10, the announcement will be held at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, and it is said that iPhone 5S will be released within this time. That rumorIPhone 5SThat the fingerprint authentication sensor will be installed in the new type home button that will be used inSonnyDicksonI got a picture and made it clear.

High-Res Images of the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanners! | SonnyDickson

IPhone 5S: Une photo du bouton Home avec lecteur d'empreintes digitales?!

This is a high quality photo of the home button that Sonny Dickson got.

The home button mounted on the iPhone 5S is characterized by a sensor and a winding structure. For the iPhone 5's home button part, it's very simple to compare photos and you can see it.

It is said that square parts shown in the center of this picture are fingerprint authentication sensors.

Although it is not confirmed whether it is really a fingerprint authentication sensor,Latest iOS 7 beta versionA folder called Biometric Kit has been found in ... ...

In the text in it is found what is described about the use image of the home button saying "When a person holding an iPhone touches the home button with his thumb, it uses the fingerprint image to authenticate the user" I will.

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