Comparison photos of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C, new models equipped with new Lightning port

AppleImplementation event of the new iPhone (iPhone 5S / iPhone 5C) will be held on September 10However, the picture of the mockup is released in Vietnam. It was rumored that the 5C is a low price version so that the main body is not made of metal but made of plastic, but it has been confirmed that the Lightning port is also a specification different from that of the conventional iPhone 5.

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IPhone 5S và 5C cómô hônh xuat hien cong Lightning moi?

This is a Vietnamese forum site "Tinhte.vnThose posted on. Where can I get iPhone 5S and 5C mockups?Phukiengiare.vnSo, the person who posted the photo commented that "Since I have a track record of acquiring the product before iPad mini is on the market, I can trust it."

On the lower left is the iPhone 5S, the upper left is the iPhone 5C, the upper right is the iPhone 5, and the 5C and 5S are mock-ups that reproduce only the exterior instead of the real machine.

"IPhone 5S"Is considered to be a minor change model of iPhone 5 as iPhone 4S was a minor change of iPhone 4. With this picture, the back is iPhone 5, the foreground is iPhone 5S, there are few parts that changed in appearance, only the area around the rear camera was changing. In 5S, the diameter of the camera is smaller and the shape of the flash is slightly different.

On the other hand, it is a cheap version model "IPhone 5CThe appearance changes greatly. The main body is made of plastic and there is atmosphere like 3GS.

It is like this if you put iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S in order.

The left is iPhone 5C, right is iPhone 5, the size is almost the same. It is characteristic that the corners are rounded off.

Buttons are all made of plastic, as if they are different products.

The biggest difference is on the bottom part. This picture shows iPhone 5 on the top and iPhone 5C on the bottom, but when you compare it, the screw hole becomes bigger and the hole of the speaker also decreases and becomes huge. Also, the Lightning port did not have protrusions in the past inside, but in 5C it looks like the SD card slot to see the receiving terminal.

Comparing the iPhone 5S (top) and the iPhone 5, the screw hole and the speaker hole are the same size, but the Lightning port has changed and it is slightly miniaturized. I can not see things like terminals inside, but the size of the hole is the same as that of the iPhone 5C.

Another change is that the microphone that was next to the top speaker is missing only on iPhone 5C. Because the speaker hole has spread, it may have been absorbed here ....

SIM card slot on the side hardly changes

Since the photos posted in this forum are mock-ups, there may be parts different from the real machine in detail, but it is enough that Apple is likely to change Lightning standards to those of iPhone 5 It is conceivable.

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The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has issued mass production instructions for high-end machines and iPhone 5C, which are considered to be iPhone 5S, against Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industries. Finally, the announcement at the event in early September has become real.

Apple instructs manufacturers to start mass production for the announcement of the new iPhone model in early September

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