"IPhone 4G (provisional)" Fourth-generation new iPhone and Oshiki mobile phone will also leak again, will be broken down in more detail

A major US news siteIn April, "iPhone 4G (provisional)" was a topic that picked up a cell phone and disassembled itBut surprisingly similar mobile phones leaked out again.

The detailed disassembly has already been done, and pictures and movies etc compared with the current model iPhone 3GS are also being released, and also that "MicroSIM card" which became a hot topic on the advent of iPad was adopted It is known.

Details are as below.
Xut hin iPhone th h th 4 Vit Nam

According to this article, the iPhone 4G (tentative) which became a topic in the United States is being secretly sold on the black market in Vietnamese black market. Incidentally, products in Southeast Asia's black market are likely to be on sale before the launch, even in July last yearThe new PS 3 before the launch was sold in the PhilippinesIt has been confirmed.

Tren tay in thoi c cho la iPhone 4G ca Apple

In addition, the photo review of "iPhone 4G (provisional)" is also made public. This is the picture.

The back side. It is a 16GB model.

Left side. There are volume switch and slide type switch.

There is a SIM card slot on the right side.


Compared with iPhone 3GS (right)

The back side. IPhone 3GS is designed with curves, iPhone 4G (provisional) is very flat.

Ceiling. The arrangement of the power switch and earphone jack is the same.

right side.

The left side looks like this.

Basically button arrangement and connector arrangement do not seem to change.

If you look side by side like this, you can see the difference in thickness.

In addition, "MicroSIM card" adopted also for iPad is adopted as "iPhone 4G (provisional)".

Home button is as usual.

Finally I have an in camera.

On the rear camera is equipped with flash.

A movie of the state actually touching.
YouTube - Tinhte.com - Tren tay phien b n th nghim iPhone 4G

Rock-iPhone 4G ti VN Taoviet! - Din an Apple

Although the photos that I tried to disassemble are also made public, they are splendidly split.

In the middle is a processor and a part that is dazzling. It adopts what seems to be "A4 processor" adopted for iPad.

It's amazingly simple, is not it?

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