Apple and event will be announced at the event on October 22, information and riva summary that came out about the fifth generation iPad · iPad mini 2

Apple has been rumored to release the new iPad · iPad mini within the year, but information sources revealed that the event will be held on October 22.

Apple Will Hold Fall iPad Event on October 22 - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD

According to officials close to Apple, Apple held a press event that limited guests on 22 October, and the renewal of the iPad lineup will be the main theme of the event. Also, the next Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks are also talking about becoming a topic at the same time.

In anticipation, the 5th Generation iPad is thinner and lighter than the current iPad mini, the camera is also improved, probably supposed to have a 64 bit A7 chip. Also, the 2nd generation iPad mini adopts Retina display and it is expected that A7 chip will be installed here as well.

A movie comparing the leaked fifth generation iPad parts with the current model is here.

New iPad 5 Parts Leaked? (First Look + Comparison) - YouTube

This is the fifth generation iPad mock.

The upper white color is a new type and the lower black color is an old type (fourth generation iPad). The bezel became thinner, but the screen size is the same.

Comparison between new type and old type. The old model is 18.5 cm, but the new model is 17 cm.

The top is a new model. It is getting thinner.

Speaker seems to be upgraded as well.

The image of the special cover "Smart Cover" of the 5th generation iPad is running out.

New iPad 5 Smart Covers Leaked? (First Look + Demo) - YouTube

This is the new Smart Cover.

The color is 8 colors in all.

Like the conventional Smart Cover, it can be installed easily. Of course it is also a stand.

This is the fifth generation iPadSpace gray color modelAn outflow image of.

Gold color is prepared for 2nd generation iPad mini, fingerprint authentication debuted on iPhone 5s"TouchID" is adoptedpattern. Second generation iPad mini is expected to have 1 GB of RAM and fifth generation iPad 2 GB of RAM.

The location of the venue is unknown because the information source did not clarify where this event will be held, but in the forecast by AllThings D reporter, it is said that it is San Jose's California Theater.

In addition, on October 22, Apple is supposed to hold an event, Nokia held the event "Nokia World" in Abu Dhabi, which is consistent with the day Microsoft released "Surface 2".

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