Leak that Microsoft plans to release the first ARM-equipped 'Surface Go 4' and 11-inch 'Surface Pro'

Microsoft developed a 2-in-1 terminal 'Surface Go 4' equipped with an ARM processor for the first time in the Surface Go series and a new type Surface Pro codenamed 'Luxor' downsized with an 11-inch display It became clear from the report of the IT news site Windows Central that it was in the middle. The new Surface is expected to appear in early 2024.

Exclusive: Microsoft is working on an ARM-powered Surface Go 4 and new 11-inch Surface Pro | Windows Central


According to Windows Central, the new Surface Go 4 with an ARM processor for the first time, the entry model codenamed 'Tanta' uses a Snapdragon 7c-based SoC. As a result, it is said that the battery will last longer with better power efficiency while maintaining the same performance as the current Surface Go.

There is information that some design changes are planned for the Surface Go 4 due to the replacement of the SoC, but since the mounting area required for the chip is the same size as the previous model, the size of the main body will not change significantly. You can

Microsoft also plans to introduce two sizes to the Surface Pro, similar to what Apple is doing with the iPad Pro. Specifically, in addition to the 13-inch model so far, an 11-inch Surface Pro is planned.

The smaller Surface Pro, codenamed 'Luxor,' will be similar in shape and size to the Surface Go, but with slimmer bezels. It will also have a better 120Hz display to differentiate it from the Surface Go, which maintains a low price.

The preview build of Windows 11 released by Microsoft in February 2023 reintroduces the 'tablet mode' that was abolished with the upgrade from Windows 10. As a result, the application will automatically open in full screen on displays of 11 inches or less, and it will feel like an iPad or Android tablet.

The shipping dates for the new Surface Go and Surface Pro are still in flux, but according to Windows Central, they won't appear until the fall of 2023, and even if it's announced for the fall of 2023, it may be postponed. Microsoft originally planned to release the new Surface Go in the spring of 2023, but it has been delayed. It has also been pointed out that in order for Microsoft to manufacture the next Surface Pro, it will be necessary to wait for the completion of Qualcomm's new NUVIA chip.

It is said that Microsoft and Intel are already preparing for the release of the next-generation OS 'Windows 12' in 2024, so The Verge, an IT news site that covered the Windows Central report, said, '2024 2019 could be a busy year for Surface hardware.'

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