It is revealed that Google employees themselves evaluated Google's interactive AI ``Bard'' as ``useless with a pathological lie'' before its release

In February 2023, Google announced Bard, an interactive AI rival to ChatGPT, and released it to the public in March of the same year. However, it is said that there was an opinion within Google that ``Bard's announcement was too hasty and failed.'' It seems that he was begging not to release it, evaluating it as a lie and not useful.

Google Bard AI Chatbot Raises Ethical Concerns From Employees - Bloomberg

Bloomberg reports that Bard was poorly rated internally, citing stories from 18 current and former Google employees and screenshots of internal messages. One employee said, 'Bard is a pathological liar,' and another employee said, 'It's a good thing to pull off.'

One employee pointed out that Bard was giving users dangerous advice on things like landing planes and scuba diving. One employee said, 'Bard is worse than useless, please don't announce it.' Bloomberg claims that Google clearly set aside ethical concerns to keep up with rivals such as Microsoft and OpenAI.

Bloomberg also noted that two researchers, Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, who pointed out the flaws of conversational AI like Bard in their papers, were fired in late 2020 or early 2021. The reputable Internet search giant appears to be providing low-quality information and less prioritizing its ethical commitments as it tries to keep up with its competitors.'

In addition, an employee belonging to the new product safety and ethical impact department testified that 'I was told not to interfere with generative AI tools under development or prevent their release.' . 'Ethics ultimately won't work unless ethics takes precedence over profit and growth,' said Meredith Whittaker, president of private messaging service Signal Foundation and former Google manager.

A Google spokesperson told Bloomberg that 'delivering responsible AI remains a top priority for Google.' Three members, including the governance and program director of the company, have been laid off.

In addition, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in a TV interview, ``Every product of every company will be affected by the rapid development of AI. Society needs to prepare for technologies that have already been announced. ”He pointed out that society is not ready for the rapid progress of AI. Furthermore, he commented, ``We must establish regulations and laws to make AI safe so that it is consistent with human values, including morality, and adapt it to society.This is not something that the company can decide alone.'' reportedly did .

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