New color graphite of "iPhone 5S" and the appearance of "iPad mini 2" video appearance, leak, rumor and expectation summary so far

About graphite which is announced at Apple event to be held on Tuesday, September 10 (Tuesday) and is expected to be released from September 20 (Friday), which is a new color of "iPhone 5S" A movie that the reader who got the real back part sent me a movie on YouTube.

Graphite iPhone 5S And iPad Mini 2 First-Look

The following is the movie.

IPhone 5S Graphite First Look, iPad Mini 2 Unboxing Review - YouTube

Mystery parcel from China

Breaking open with a knife burst

When opening it ... ....

IPad mini 2 appeared

And iPhone 5S

On the left is the current iPhone 5 black & slate model, the one on the right is the iPhone 5S graphite color

Sure it feels a bit different

Because this is only the back part, the inside is not pear

Watching in a row

You can see the atmosphere is slightly different

Also iPad mini 2.

By arranging this way the difference stands out

"IPhone 5S" currently has faster CPU than the current iPhone 5, fingerprint sensor (not a home buttonThin film sensor directly under the displayApple has built-in) built-in security, the camera's optical lens part has been powered up from 10 million pixels to 14 million pixel class, equipped with dual LED flash, and new It is expected that the color development will be further improved by Retina display.

Champagne gold which is also a new color is easy to understand the following movies.

Sneak Peek: Apple iPhone 5S (Gold) - YouTube

Also, it is said that the inexpensive version "iPhone 5C" will be the lineup of colors as below.

IPhone 5C Rear Shell Unboxing Of Every Color

New iPhone 5C Unboxing: 5 Lower-Cost iPhone Color Rear Shells - YouTube

Even then again, the Ayashii parcel

Hanging out

Fine from the inside

Very colorful

Further opening

By bye take care

The thickness is like this, the left side is an inexpensive plastic board iPhone 5C.

Compared to this

It becomes thick a little.

The shape of the switch on the side is also different

This kind of color variation is now known

Specification of iPhone 5CThe CPU has dual core, the display is 4 inch (1136 x 640), the RAM is 1 GB, the storage is 16, 32 and 64 GB, the 8 million pixel camera and the 1.2 M pixel camera are mounted, the size is 124.2 × 58.4 × 7.6 mm, Weight is 106 g, is not it? It is predicted.

Also, movies that have been dismantled and detailed from these parts to see where and how they actually change are also appearing.

New Gold iPhone 5S Sneak Peek (vs iPhone 5 Teardown) - YouTube

Every leak information, rumors, and expectations will come true, everything will be clear next month.

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