"Handwriting font creator" that allows you to convert your hand-written characters to font files for free

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Using impressive fonts when creating websites and free papers can attract attention and strengthen the ability to attract customers, as well as in daily lifeInformation learned with "difficult to read font" remains in memoryAlthough it is clarified that it is clear, it is easy to create fonts of original design as "Handwriting font creator". By writing handwritten letters on dedicated paper that you print out, file it and upload it, the original handwritten font is completed in no time.

Handwriting font creator

First of all, click "Template" to download the PDF file.

Then print the downloaded file.

Printed paper seems to be just white blank paper at first glance, but when you look closely it is framed thinly and the alphabet is written thinly inside the frame.

I write handwritten letters using a pen on the thinly written alphabet.

When you finish writing the letters, scan the paper and make it a grayscale image file with a resolution of 300 dpi. The format is JPG, PNG or TIFF, and select a file from "Browse" on the website.

Decide the name and format of the font and click "Send file".

When the file was successfully uploaded, the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog." Was displayed with familiar characters. If this example sentence is displayed without any problem, it means that the fontization has been successful, so if you download the font by clicking on the font name, you can OK.

The handwritten font actually made is like this. Because there are parts where some letters have disappeared when writing with a ballpoint pen, it is recommended to write firmly with a pen with some thickness.

I wrote it as GIGAZINE.

When V was changed to V sign, it was also successful to make letters emoticons. Although it does not correspond to Japanese, in addition to being able to create a handwritten document, since original design fonts can be made easily, it becomes a font that can be used in various scenes, such as free paper and poster creation.

The version corresponding to every language is also under test now.

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