I tried using the application "Snapchat" that can send pictures that disappear within 10 seconds

If you want to see, but you can take photos that you can not save it, it is difficult to suppress the urge you want to send to someone. There is nothing that can not be relied upon by the reply "absolutely erase ~" returning for the wish "Please erase after seeing it absolutely". An application that can send photos that will be useful soon will disappear "Snapchat"is.

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Snapchat can send photos and movies that will disappear within a specified time within 10 seconds to friends. It is safe to delete the photo after a specified time from the server of Snapchat. I immediately tried using it.

◆ Installation
This time, I will try to receive pictures taken with iPhone 5 with Galaxy S4.

· IPhone 5
Search for "snapchat" in the App store and tap "Free" of "Snapchat" application.

Tap "Install App".

Tap "Open".

Tap "SIGN UP".

Enter your e-mail address, password, birth date in order from the top and tap "Enter".

Enter the user name you want to use and tap "Enter".

The preparation for use is completed with this. This is the basic screen where the camera is activated.

First make the settings. Tap the cube icon in the lower left.

Tap the gear icon in the upper right.

Tap 'Send me Snaps'.

Check "Everyone".

It is OK if "Send me Snaps" is "Everyone".

· Galaxy S4
The setting for sending is completed. Since it is necessary to install Snapchat also on Galaxy S4 which is a terminal that receives pictures, search "snapchat" on Google Play and tap "Snapchat" application.

Tap "Install".

Tap "I agree".

Tap "Open" when installation is completed.

In the same way as before, set "SIGN UP".

When setting is completed and the top screen is displayed, tap the cube icon in the lower left and change the setting.

"Everyone" if it is OK.

◆ Send pictures
First, start Snapchat on iPhone 5 as the sender and shoot the photos you want to send.

The pictures you took are here.

Set the time until the photo disappears. Tap the timer icon in the lower left.

You can choose from 1 second minimum to 10 seconds maximum in 1 second increments. In the initial setting, it is set to 3 seconds, but this time I decided to send it in the longest 10 seconds. Tap "10 secs".

Confirm that "10" is displayed on the timer icon and tap the arrow icon on the right.

Fill in the user name of the person you want to send to the search window on the send screen.

Enter the user name of the person you want to send and click the + icon in the lower right.

If there is a user name you entered, a green checkmark will be displayed, so you can tap the arrow icon at the bottom of the screen to complete the photo transmission.

If "Sent" is displayed in the status of the destination user name like this, it is OK.

After the photo transmission is completed, the receiving side launches Snapchat, tap the cube box at the bottom left of the top screen.

It was a notification that a picture was sent. Since it is "Press and hold to view", if you hold down the user name part for a long time ... ...

A picture in a cool fridge appeared.Pictures are displayed only while long pressing the screenThen the remaining time until the photo disappears is displayed on the upper right.

5 more seconds.

If a ghob comes out from the left cube, the file disappears, you can not see the picture anymore.

On the sending side you can see if the other person saw the picture. After "Send", if the status becomes "Opened", the other person confirms the picture.

By the way, not only are you not only looking at the pictures but also that you took a screenshot and saved it.

It is a pleasing point that it does not happen that "I forgot to delete" though it is a photo or movie that must be erased later. However, there is no way to ascertain whether or not it has really been deleted from the server, so be careful about that point.

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