An alarm clock application "Nebula Alarm Clock" that disappears when the galaxy gathered when it fails to release the alarm remarkably disappears

"Nebula Alarm Clock"Is an alarm clock application that collects galaxies every time you stop an alarm clock. When you set an alarm, galaxy (star) starts growing up and you can get it when you stop at the set time, you can collect stars as stars when you gather. With this feature, you can increase the motivation that happens in the morning. However, if you fail to stop the alarm, it also has a thrilling feature that the star explodes and the collection disappears. There are methods to cancel the alarm, from simple ones that tap the button only once, to forcing the user to go to the washbasin, and it is decided according to the user's lifestyle. I actually made stars grow and tried to make a big explosion.


◆ Installation
Since "Nebula Alarm Clock" is an application dedicated to Android OS, it is an application provided for Android,Google PlayDownload from. There are free version and paid version, this time we use free version.

Nebula Alarm Clock - Android application on Google Play

Tap "Install" on the Nebula Alarm Clock page of Google Play

The following icons are added to the home screen when you install it, tap to start up.

The start screen is displayed ......

The entire app tutorial begins. On the first screen is an indication "Every night, you grow a star. (Every night, I will grow the stars)". Tap the arrow.

"I will lose stars if I put an Ibiki without getting up." In other words, if you do not lose with an alarm, you will lose the star you've grown up. Tap the arrow further.

If you continue to collect stars, you can create constellations and get even more nice rewards.

Select one of five methods for canceling the alarm. A new method will be added in the future. Finally tap the check mark.

Next, a tutorial on alarms will begin. There is no penalty for canceling an alarm, but you will lose the star you brought up. Tap "CANCEL" to continue.

Only stars that grew over one hour at a short time can become constellations. Tap "Clock display" at the top to continue.

And the last explanation. When you tap the growing star, "Sleep Engine" that plays the relaxation sound to make you feel comfortable sleeping starts. Tap "Center of the stars" to finish the tutorial.

Next, we will set up the "Sleep Engine" function that plays music that invites sleep. Initially settable music is "xylem and phloem" and "campfire on the lake", "sail away". For this time, I chose "xylem and phloem (Kibe and Master Section)". After setting, tap "NEXT". In addition, "unlock with preium" is music for paid version, "constellation rewards" is music which can be obtained with clear reward.

In the item "set how long it'll play for", set the length of music played by the sleep engine. The choice time is from "5 MINS (5 minutes)" to "60 MIINS (60 minutes)" in increments of 5 minutes. Swipe left and right to select. For this time, I chose the default "15 MINS (15 minutes)". This completes the initial setting.

◆ Set the alarm time and start

Swipe up and down to set the alarm duration. Tap "OK".

If the set time of the alarm is less than one hour from the current time, a message is displayed and you are prompted to set it more than one hour to get a star.

When you finish setting the alarm, the growth of the star begins and the state of the star is displayed at the lower left of the screen. In this screen "PHASE: I DUST AND (stage 1: Chile and gas gather)" state. Tap "CANCEL" to cancel the alarm count.

The stars grew and grew to the stage of "PHASE: II FUSION 'N STUFF (phase 2: nuclear fusion reaction)".

And it changed to "PHASE: III PROTOSTAR (stage 3: change to a born star)". Closer to the time you set the alarm, the star will be born.

It took the time to set the alarm and the time display was changed to the countdown. Alarm is the default, the time limit is 3 minutes, music "Morning feeling"Flows. To cancel, tap the circle of the same color as the word character color on the right side of the screen, for example, tap the circle of "red" that is the same as "LEMON (lemon)" character color as below . The letter is "LEMON" (lemon), but note that it is not "lemon color" to actually tap.

As you proceed in the same way, a white gauge will stretch around the stars. It should be noted that, once the alarm begins to sound, it is impossible to sound insulation in it or an earphone to lower the volume, volume as the count progresses will continue to increase. The volume of the alarm can be changed in advance with "settings" although it will be described later.

If you succeed you can get stars.

As you gather stars, constellations are completed and you can collect them.

◆ Failed to stop the alarm
As the count goes forward the stars will turn red.

When the count reaches zero ...

A star explodes and collapses, and the star and the constellation which have gained so far disappear.

◆ Change settings
Tap "Menu icon".

Tap "settings".

You can change the setting. "Alarm volume" can adjust the volume of the alarm, and unchecking "gentle wakeup" will increase the speed at which the volume will increase. When "vibrate" is checked, vibrations will be turned on at alarm time.

Tap the "alarm sound" part to change the alarm music or to make the music stored on the smartphone main body an alarm.

"Free starter pack" can select songs that can be used for free version.

Scroll down and tap "pick your own sound" to check it, you can use the music file stored in the unit as the alarm sound. After setting, tap OK.

Change alarm release method with "alarm off method".

To cancel the alarm, register "QR code" with the "SHAKE (shake smartphone)", "BARCODE (read something barcode)" ", QR CODE (register the QR code, let the user recognize the QR code with the camera of the smartphone through the mirror and move the user We will change it from 5 in all of "COLOR TAP (tap color)" and "JUST A BORING BUTTON (tap button once)".

Tap "constellations" ...

You can check the stars and constellations you have collected.

Although Nebula Alarm Clock can be used for free, the free version is designed to lose the collected stars and constellations when failing to stop the alarm fails. If you can get a star in the absence of late, joy is a single one, but if you accidentally lose the collection you got frustrated. In such a case, if you upgrade to the paid version of 260 yen including tax, even if the star explodes in failure, the stars and constellations will not disappear, and advertisements on the screen can be hidden.

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