"The Coffinmaker" coffin craftworker tells the important reason why the coffin is made of wood

While cremation is popular in Japan, burial occupies more than half of the burials in the United States, coffin is used during burial. Metal is the most common material for coffin, every yearGolden Gate BridgeAlthough metals that can make new ones are used, movies of coffin craftsmen who are constantly making wooden coffiners because they are environmentally friendly and economical are on sale.

The Coffinmaker

Since all the coffin houses are made by handmade, we cut the necessary wooden boards one by one.

I will make a side board by sticking several boards.

Apply adhesive to the boards of the same size ......

I will stretch it carefully with your fingers.

Place the sides of the four wooden boards, set them on the machine for bonding, apply pressure.

The first piece is completed in this way.

After similar work, when the side boards are aligned, I will stand as if it becomes a frame and I will drive the wooden dowels.

Cut out the protruding part with a saw.

I will apply a file to the surface to smooth it.

It also finishes the top board smoothly.

"The important features of wooden coffin is that you can carry," says Marcus Daly. A metal coffin can not be carried by a human hand, but a wooden coffin can feel the weight of the deceased by carrying the deceased person directly to heaven.

We are doing a chamfer of corners with a strange man.

Confirm that polishing and chamfering are done firmly so that people carrying coffin can carry safely.

A cross is molded in the middle of the lid, and the adhesive is applied by brushing.

I attach a thin wooden board of different color to the cross part.

On the sideHoly three festivalWe will engrave prayer sentences like that.

Polished with rasp firmly even after finishing carving.

Close the lid ... ....

Marcus Daly who finished the last finish leaves the workshop.

The coffin that Marcus Daly made for the first time is said to be the coffin of his deceased child.

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