I went to eat a favorite house that liked Okonomiyaki style "Okonomi beef Tamadoron"

Speaking of Sukiya puts yakisoba on a beef bowlYakisoba with beef bowlWe sometimes sell unique menus such as, but this time we finished the taste of your favorite grilled wind "Occasional beef troupeWe are selling it from August 1st. It was an unusual menu so I ate it.

Sukiya's favorite beef tartmere | Campaign | Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya.

TorikoIllustrate the new product along with the illustration.

A poster for children's toy set is also attached.

As soon as the seat arrivesTaste of beef tamadoru (390 yen including tax)Arrived. Those such as eggs, blue leaves and toppings will come with separate dishes.

First of all let's hit the top

We will use the equipment to make egg yolk only.

If you apply yolk and blue paste ......

Completion Butcher mayonnaise is also starting from the beginning, atmosphere like okonomiyaki and takoyaki.

Plenty of white mayonnaise.

Of course, the ingredients of the beef bowl are contained securely.

Cabbage which is engraved small is also included. I decided to eat it at once.

Completely taste is okonomiyaki with a combination of sauce, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, toppings, blue leaves and cabbage. When you eat the combination of the combination and the sweet potatoes of beef bowls together, it tastes like Okonomiyaki of beef streaks. As there is not much cabbage, the presence of cabbage is not that big like real okonomiyaki, mustard butadi's mustard has worked, it gets a bit tingling

Egg is good when it is raw and eats together, the taste mellows.

I am going to apply red ginger to make it more like okonomiyaki.

It becomes a menu with a strong taste, but if you eat it with red ginger you can eat it all with refreshing acidity of vinegar.

This menu is a limited-time menu and will end as soon as the period ends. It is a little expensive to bake okonomiyaki at home and it is a little expensive as a specialty shop, so it is recommended when you want to eat okonomiyaki-like items.

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