I went to a favorite house to have a beef bowl "Maya · Kim Mayo · Negi Mayo" of Maya Rice with mayonnaise on anything

Mayonnaise is a popular seasoning that fits a variety of dishes, and those who put this mayonnaise on any dishMayorI will call it, but beef bowl for such people "Mayo beefWas released from the house. "Maya Otaru Mayon Beef"Kimmayoda Beef bowl"Negimayo beef bowlBecause it is said that there are three kinds, I decided to compare and eat everything.

"Mayo beef" released by customers who want to commercialize their voice

Arrived Sukiya.

Both none of "Kaita Maya beef bowl", "Kimmayo beef bowl", "Negimayo beef bowl" are 390 yen, 490 yen in the middle, 490 yen in the high grade, 590 yen in the high grade, 720 yen in the special grade.

I ordered three items as well. There is plenty of mayonnaise on the top of every one.

First of all I tried eating from Takaya Akuta Mayo beef don.

If you look closely at Mayonnaise, Mentaiko is included and it is becoming Maya Akayoda. Below that there is a Taka.

As a taste, the taste of Taka can be felt most strongly. While mayonnaise is thick and has a mellow flavor, the taste of mentaiko may be weak. Mayonnaise, vegetables, beef and all the taste of individuality is strong, so it seems to be lacking in the taste of the taste, but the eating response that it made a bit of it is enough.

Next is Kimmayo beef bowl.

Originally the menu of the house that has a Kimchi beef bowl (Nimori, 380 yen including tax), there is even more mayonnaise there.

The combination of kimchi and mayonnaise is popular enough to be used in various dishes, excellent compatibility. Sweetness of a melonious mayonnaise makes it bulge in the taste of kimchi. It is a bit taste, but there is not much trouble even if beef is added there, and it is the content that you can taste thoroughly until the end.

Although it looks a bit worse, if you stir firmly and mayonnaise with rice and ingredients to eat it, it is better than. Considering that Kimchi Mayo Rice is 380 yen including tax, you can try this taste with +10 yen, so it seems worth trying if you like mayonnaise.

This is Negimayo beef bowl.

As its name suggests, mayonnaise is sprinkling on a large number of chopped onions.

If you eat a large amount of goat at one time, you may be concerned about odor and spicy stuff, but the mayonnaise's sweetness is doing good work and melts the flavor of the onions. So, even if you carry plenty of beef with rice, you can bring it to your mouth OK. The feeling of green onion was light and the texture was good, and it was a high score taste surprisingly for the menu of simple items.

So that was a feast. Though both mayonnaise is used, the seasoning is different, and it is a lineup that you can enjoy for mayonnaise lovers.

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