Although the taste is good, it is difficult to volumes, the head owner and the "Tororo Akuta don" taste review

A new product of head-baked cookies using mentaiko that has compatibility with white rice and roasts appeared on Sunday, March 1 (Sunday), so I bought it and tried it. When I ordered this product, I was told that the person in the store said "I do not have much stomach but good?" "Excellent taste, but small amount", but so far there is no volume Is it?

Details are as below.
Lunch menu - nationwide chain main shop owner

I brought it while being told that "It is good for women ... but ...". One for 430 yen, half-egg eggs for 480 yen.

Before I roll it, it looks like this.

Something like shaky.

Okra of same sticky sticky system.


Pickled radish.

Dashiro yam, diced rice, chopped garlic, wasabi at last.

Wearing the rolls ...

Complete with chopped sticks and wasabi.

In the case of fresh eggs put on eggs finally complete with finish.

As the people in the shop said, the balance of rice and ingredients is not good, the amount of mentaiko is small and the salty taste of pickles has appeared on the whole as a taste. There are few grues which become the main and there is a lack of feeling like "Tororonba". The compatibility between Mentaiko and a roast is better than expected, but I feel very sorry that the sense of satiety is now one more thing. The price may go up, but it is a very happy place if the amount of mentaiko and goose are increased.

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