Although it is easy to get fat, "Food easy to eat" in a tasty Izakaya menu is summarized

"GourNavi" makes beer + skewer, deep-fried chicken + tartar sauce, etc. We publish the infograph which summarizes easy-to-eat meals in the pub menu.

Easy to be fat! But Umaie! Izakaya menu Fat Fat together! | Everyone's rice

First of all, "Beer (big mug) + skewer (sauce)", it is easy to accumulate body fat when eating sugar + oil at the same time.

Next is "deep-fried chicken + tartar sauce", because it is the worst combination of oils and fats + oils, so calories are higher

"Braised beef stew + sake (1 cup)" is protein + carbohydrate so digestion is slow and it is also easy to spread.

"French fries + pizza" is a carbohydrate + carbohydrate and pretty heinous

The last shark is "plum wine + ice cream", sugar plus sugar at once, it is easy to get fat.

Which one of these combinations do you think is really ......

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