Lawson 'Dodeca Fair' with severe carbohydrates, 7 items taste review

"Dodeca fair" being held from 7th January at Lawson. As the name suggests, there are various dodeca menus. This time I tried challenging all seven items, but carbohydrates were plentiful and easy to accumulate in my stomach, so it was serious that I got hungry soon.

Review from below.
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Rice type 3 kinds. Dodeca fried rice (with dumplings), dodecan beef bowl, big ebice noodle rice ball.

As I also mention the amount of fried rice, each dumpling soup is so delicious, even with just three dumplings a considerable volume.

Beef bowl seems ordinary. The rice is a sauce thoroughly soaked in, and it seems like a standard staple of convenience beef bowl. Features are not much.

Rice balls with ebony sky protruding. I am satisfied with being big, but it is hard to eat.

Three noodles. Men's dodeca sauce soba, dodeca napolitan, dodeca peperoncino.

Yakisoba. Speaking of convenience store fried noodles, it's a bit of a pasa pasta and it's going to be replaced with a throat, but this is moist and the taste seems to be fried noodle at a night shop. Not only quantity but also taste satisfied.

Peperoncino. Basic taste of chili and garlic. Even if you do not have meat you can save it.

Neapolitan. Around this area, other convenience stores are also selling big pasta, but I feel that there is a lot of volume in particular. Also, for pasta of convenience stores the firmness of the noodles is good.

Finally a dodeca salad. It is bigger than any salad.

We need a lot of dressing.

I put them all side by side. Pasta and fried rice were quite nice.

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